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NextGen’s Monica Macer Encouraged by a mentor in New Jersey while assistant directing a stage play, Monica Macer decided to follow her dreams and move to L.A. with her future husband. Starting as an assistant at Nickelodeon Movies on the...

A Life-Changing Three Years

In 2019, MPTF was awarded a three-year, $1-million grant from ACL (the Administration for Community Living) to serve people living with the effects of dementia and their caregivers. Partnering with Alzheimer’s LA and Wise & Healthy Aging, MPTF’s ACL...

Delicate Care

We’d like you to meet two people instrumental to our outpatient Palliative Care program: Anne Front, LMFT, APHSW‑C, a Palliative Care social worker, and Rabbi Arthur Rosenberg, Palliative Care Chaplain.

For The Earth

Every April 22 we celebrate World Earth Day, focusing on protecting our planet in ways both large and small.

How We Take Care Of Our Own

“My role isn’t just one for my residents, but also for their immediate family as well.” That’s how Rachel Reiff, LCSW, CSW-G, ACHP-SW, thinks about her work in providing essential support for our residents on campus

On the Air

MPTF residents join forces to perform a new radio rendition of All About Eve.

Blazing a Trail

For over two decades, GSWEC (the Southern California Geriatric Social Work Education Consortium) has been at the forefront of bridging geriatric social work, classroom education, and field training for students pursuing a Master’s degree. The first of its kind,...

Director of Community Services, Jennifer Jorge, LCSW

The Latest Fashion

At the end of 2021, our campus turned into a stylish spectacular when the Accessories Council, a not-for-profit, international trade organization focused on fashion accessory products, worked with our own Fredda Johnson and Holly Spiegel to arrange a shoot with...