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100th Ad Campaign

Caring is Infinite

MPTF’s 100th Ad Campaign showcases the stories of just a few of our recipients of care and industry professionals who support that care. Sign up for our newsletter to learn more about stories like these and how a safety net for the entertainment industry matters to us all.

2021 marks 100 years since an emergency fund for workers in the motion picture industry was launched with a gift of $1000. As the industry grew and evolved – from silents to talkies, from black-and-white to color, from analog to digital — so did this fund and the scope and scale of services it provided. Today, MPTF proudly serves as the safety net for the entertainment industry’s working and retired members with a range of social service and health programs and the iconic Motion Picture Home campus in Woodland Hills.

Alex Aguilar Jr.

Rebecca Huntley

Greg Berlanti

Ashlei Tave

J.J. Abrams

Harry Northup

Casey Wasserman 100th Ad

Casey Wasserman

James Burrows 100th Ad

James Burrows

Ted Sarandos 100th Ad

Ted Sarandos

Toni Vaz

Dr. Eric Esrailian

Monica Macer


In honor of our 100th Anniversary we are seeking 100% Participation of those in the entertainment industry to support our work in any way they can. Last year our financial needs were obvious: pandemic costs on campus for PPE, staffing, testing, and financial assistance for a workforce without regular paychecks. Now we face the ongoing costs of keeping campus residents safe, the lost opportunity to shelter more retirees due to national nursing shortages, and the continued needs of our community.

With no way to make up these enhanced operating costs and the vacancy shortfall other than dipping into our limited financial reserves, our appeal is clear: if you’re able to donate, our 100th Anniversary is a moment of special need. Click below to help support our mission.

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