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Entertainment Alumni Club

Connecting Our Industry’s Retirees

The MPTF Entertainment Alumni Club provides fun and educational activities and events to embrace retirement with endless possibilities. We want everyone to feel connected, be engaged, and have purpose.


In 2013, the Motion Picture & Television Fund (MPTF) introduced the Retiree Club offering a creative and social environment for industry retirees of all affiliations to socialize, connect with former colleagues and peers, and have ongoing engagement with the industry and with MPTF.

Now after a hiatus, the MPTF Entertainment Alumni Club has returned with renewed vigor, reflecting the evolving needs and interests of its members by offering a diverse array of events, activities, trips, classes, and more.

Outdoor community event with people seated at tables, listening to a speaker under a canopy.

2018 MPTF Retiree Club
Seat Dedication & Special Screening

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