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Social Connectivity

Offer your time to listen, share, and connect with the Daily Call Sheet

MPTF’s Daily Call Sheet Social Connectivity programs are a great way for entertainment industry members and their families to stay engaged socially with our community. Strong social networks have been found to be the number one indicator for healthy aging and wellbeing, but for those going through life changes such as retirement, or giving up a driver’s license, or even caregiving responsibilities— keeping up with social connections can be especially challenging. The Daily Call Sheet is a solution for those who may be seeking connections, or simply give back to the industry they love. Watch our videos including webinars about social isolation and connectivity. >


Are you interested in connecting with fellow industry members? Or perhaps you have a loved one who may benefit from additional social connections to brighten their day? Our social connectivity program Daily Call Sheet is a fun, flexible and easy way to give back to the entertainment community and industry you love. Volunteers make calls from anywhere—their home, work, even from their car. Recipients share a connection to the entertainment industry for an immediate rapport around a mutual shared experience.

  • Talk and build a relationship with someone who shares your interest
  • Reminisce with interested industry members
  • Increased sense of purpose
  • Both volunteer and call recipient benefit (People who volunteer have a 70% decrease in depression)
  • Volunteer from the comfort of your own home
  • Flexible time and place
  • Volunteer ages range from 20s-90s
  • 600+ industry members have participated


An end-to-end solution MPTF has developed to help individuals and organizations to facilitate safe, telephone connection between volunteers and isolated older adults. Learn more >

“It’s so nice to have someone to talk to on the phone. A verbal hug is what these calls are to me… I don’t have many friends now, not because I’m not popular [laughs], but because they’re all gone now.”



Social relationships have as much impact on physical health as blood pressure, physical activity, and obesity. Those with meaningful social lives tend to live 5 years longer than those who don’t have a good social network. Mounting evidence suggests social isolation and loneliness is growing rapidly. Currently it impacts more than 8 million people, or one in three older adults, and is associated with medical issues including depression and earlier onset of dementia, according to AARP. Recent studies also have drawn clear links to poor health outcomes, disability and an increased risk of early death on par with smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Isolation also shows strong correlations with elder abuse, elder fraud, increased visits to the ER and the need for long-term care.


Since the program’s inception in early 2017, Daily Call Sheet volunteers have made thousands of calls to industry members and provided thousands of hours of social conversations.

  • Success with even the hardest to reach clients
  • Social calls truly can be a lifesaving intervention
  • Connects people in need with key resources
  • Beneficial to both recipients and volunteers

MPTF is committed to being a resource of information for our community on how to combat this epidemic. For more information on the impacts of social isolation please check out the Social Isolation Impact Summit page. Social Isolation Impact Summit >

If you would like to volunteer or know or someone who would like to stay connected—give us a call! A warm, expected call can make the world of difference. Call Director, Maureen Feldman at MPTF to learn more 818-876-1190 or email

Maureen Feldman
Director, Social Isolation Impact Project

An advocate and authority on issues facing aging populations, Maureen guides involvement for all participating recipients and volunteers.