About NextGen

MPTF NextGen is a diverse group of entertainment industry professionals who represent the many aspects of film and television in Hollywood and support MPTF’s mission of taking care of our own. As an up and coming part of the industry, we hope you will help us in taking care of each other in times of need.

What We Do

We raise awareness by advocating, educating, and inspiring our peers of the impact MPTF has on the entertainment community it serves.  Prior to the COVID-19 Virus outbreak our meetings and events were in person.  Since the outbreak of COVID-19 we have pivoted from in person networking events and mixers to a virtual platform.  Many of our mixers and events will feature a keynote speaker who is influential in the industry, such as Jeffrey Katzenberg and Jim Gianopulos and other professionals of interest to our members.  Our goal is to create ways to engage the community; participate in fundraising activities; learn from the successes of others; and serve as ambassadors for MPTF.


We recognize the need to share the good work that MPTF does year after year. We tell the stories of the people that MPTF social workers and medical staff have helped and why the next generation of the entertainment industry needs to continue the mission of  taking care of our own.


We are on the front lines with talent, crew, and all industry professionals to share how MPTF has provided retirement housing, health insurance assistance, childcare, social services, and financial services since 1921.  MPTF is here for our community and NextGen is the group that will help MPTF raise awareness among our peers.


Through our service we seek to inspire those around us to volunteer, donate, or be an ambassador. Just as the leaders of Hollywood paved the way for us, we seek to bring the next generation of Hollywood to 100% participation.

NextGen Membership

As an up and coming part of the industry, there is no better time to help those among us in need. For an annual fee of $120, you can enjoy the benefits of membership by:

  • Attending virtual networking mixers
  • Participate in fundraising activities
  • Hear from entertainment executives about their successes, failures, or their view on relevant topics of the industry
  • Unite friends and colleagues to create a new vision that is more inclusive and dynamic for the industry
  • Enjoy special perks with sponsors (e.g., for 2020, become a MedMen VIP member with a 20% discount when you opt in)

Play Your Part

The privilege of membership is secured with your $120/year gift. Attend a mixer, pitch in, and enjoy great perks in the process. Join us, and you’ll get more out of it than you’ll ever give!

 MPTF NextGen Board of Directors

  • Cate Adams – Co-Chair
    VP, Production
    Warner Bros.
  • Yvette Nicole Brown
  • Natalie Bruss
  • Geoffrey Colo
    Transmedia Producer
  • Jeffrey Epstein – Co-Chair
    Director of Corporate Communications
    The Walt Disney Company
  • Michelle Homerin
    Manager, Casting
    ABC Studios
  • Andrew Honsey
    General Manager, Global Sales
    Delta Air Lines
  • Julian Jacobs
    Co-Head, UTA Marketing
    United Talent Agency
  • Jelani Johnson
    Executive VP, Content Strategy
  • John  Kulback
    Operating Partner
    Attention Capital
  • Monica Macer
    Showrunner, Writer/Producer
  • Lyndsey Miller
    Public Relations
    The CW Network
  • Anna Musky-Goldwyn
  • Tara Schuster
    VP, Development & Original Programming
    Comedy Central
  • Carly Steel
    TV Host/Producer
  • Sipra Thakur
    One Thousand Suns
  • Brian Toombs
    VP, Digital Content
    Funny Or Die
  • Rob Wiltsey
    Founder & CEO
    Rob Wiltsey Creative Partners
  • Alexandra Zimbler Smith
    Vice President, Creative Affairs
    Gaumont Television

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