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A New Home

We all know life can throw a curve ball when you least expect it, and someone who knows that all too well is James Hearn. Now 73 years old, he worked for years in the industry doing testing and repairing of consoles and other equipment for sound mixing as well as...

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A Life-Changing Three Years

In 2019, MPTF was awarded a three-year, $1-million grant from ACL (the Administration for Community Living) to serve people living with the effects of dementia and their caregivers. Partnering with Alzheimer’s LA and Wise & Healthy Aging, MPTF’s ACL...

A doctor shaking hands with a patient.

Delicate Care

We’d like you to meet two people instrumental to our outpatient Palliative Care program: Anne Front, LMFT, APHSW‑C, a Palliative Care social worker, and Rabbi Arthur Rosenberg, Palliative Care Chaplain.

Blazing a Trail

For over two decades, GSWEC (the Southern California Geriatric Social Work Education Consortium) has been at the forefront of bridging geriatric social work, classroom education, and field training for students pursuing a Master’s degree. The first of its kind,...

Director of Community Services, Jennifer Jorge, LCSW

Finding Comfort and Joy During the Holidays

MPTF Studios' Creative Chaos presents this look from our Holistic Wellness series about how to stay healthy and focused over the holiday season, featuring MPTF's Linda Healy (, Naomi Rodda (, and Fredda Johnson...

Christmas and New Year holiday card

Help Is Here

As thought leaders in the care of people with Alzheimer’s and related diseases, MPTF is proud to announce it has been awarded a federal grant from the ACL.

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The Jay Jacobs Story

Retired William Morris talent agent Jay Jacobs has had firsthand experience with many of the ups and downs of showbiz life.

The Jay Jacobs Story