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At the end of 2022, you hopefully read all about filmmaker Victoria Bullock and her longtime support of MPTF including The Grey Quill Society. This year her wife, Maria C. Rodriguez, a Partner at McDermott Will & Emery, played her part for MPTF by asking her firm to host the latest luncheon for PAN (Professional Advisory Network). a networking group of business managers, attorneys, financial and wealth advisors, and CPA’s with clients in the entertainment industry. Maria and Victoria, who have been together for 11 years and married for six, both love the feeling of giving back using their own unique skills and the support that their own partnership brings.

“We definitely balance each other,” Maria says. “Victoria is creative, intelligent, and present.  She sees things often from a perspective I may not immediately see.  The writer-actor in her is connected and empathetic and the producer in her, runs a tight ship. I’d say the creative-lawyer profession combination works. We have a lot of fun together.” When Victoria took Maria to a NextGen event, the seed was planted for the luncheon. “Knowing MPTF was facing financial challenges and with the support of the McDermott team, it was a no-brainer,” Maria explains. “The PAN luncheon was a beautiful lunch with panoramic views of the city where MPTF supporters-PAN members talked, broke bread together, and discussed current financial issues and trends.”

PAN is one of several affiliate groups you can join to help spread the word about and show support for our mission, along with committed and welcoming advocacy organizations like NextGen and Motion Picture Mothers. Click here for more ways you can get involved.