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As thought leaders in the care of people with Alzheimer’s and related diseases, MPTF is proud to announce it has been awarded a 3-year, $1M federal grant from the Administration for Community Living, dedicated to serving people living with the effects of dementia and their caregivers with a wide array of grant-sponsored programming. “With this grant, we will work to expand our expertise and play a greater role in supporting people through the many challenges of living, or caring for someone, with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia,” says Dr. Scott Kaiser, MPTF Chief Innovation Officer, and specialist in geriatric cognitive health.

Since the cohort of those impacted by Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia has been challenged by the social isolation of Covid to find physical, cognitive, creative, and social stimulation, MPTF, in partnership with Alzheimer’s LA and Wise & Healthy Aging, is providing education to caregivers, social call program, virtual adult care programs with wonderful, thoughtful activities, and more. The program offers valuable support not limited to our entertainment industry members but also to the greater local community on the front lines of care. If you are living with dementia, living with or caring for someone with dementia, or even just concerned about your cognitive health, please reach out to our helpline at 323 634 3866 to learn more about how you can participate in the benefits of this great program.