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5 Mins to Enlightenment
A 5-minute guided meditation with Debi Conocenti

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Debi Conocenti, Employee Wellness Specialist at MPTF since 2014, speaks with Courteney Bailey on MPTF Studios’ Influencers about the work she does on the MPTF campus and how she got her start in this thriving field of work. Debi explains that her career started by being fascinated with how people work together and the cravings we all have for a sense of belonging and feeling cared for. With a master’s in Applied Physiology from Columbia University, Debi not only offers great suggestions for improving life; she embraces the science behind it. Gratitude is the first attribute she extols: “All the science points to gratitude changing your whole being, your whole energy. Because there’s no room for fear when you have gratitude.” She plants another seed from her arsenal: “You are not your thoughts. You have 70,000 thoughts a day. And most of those—90%—are useless thoughts!”

Watch a short, 5-minute guided meditation and listen as Debi adds wisdom about mind expansion, creativity, and just feeling better in the lives we live. We should also note that Debi steps up in many other ways as well, including playing a key role in our COVID-19 Taskforce. Thank you, Debi, for all the work that you do, especially in trying times. We are grateful and better for it.