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A Very Creative Year
A drawing of a frog, flowers, and a car.

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We can’t help but admire the endless creativity and passion of our residents and volunteers from all walks of the entertainment industry. One way they keep their skills honed is The Grey Quill Society, a group of professional and newbie writers that began in 2012 and continues to hold regular two-hour weekly meetings to share their work and give birth to new ideas. They published their fourth collection at the end of 2022 featuring prose, poetry pieces, and wonderful artwork.

Here’s a peek at the cover art by Kathy J. Liu for the newest book, available here along with plenty of other titles by our residents and staff. The Grey Quill meetings are organized and facilitated by volunteer Victoria Bullock, a writer whose love for the group grows every year. “We’ve really settled into being back in person this year (with a few ups and downs along the way),” she says. “We’ve had a lot of new members join the Quills this year. I think it can feel a bit daunting, joining an established group like this. Some new members start out slow, often just showing up to listen and support other members. I think there’s always a moment of relief for them when they finally read their first piece to the group. I know they feel proud; I certainly do! It’s a joy getting to welcome new members and be part of their writing journey.”