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At MPTF, offering tech support to residents is one way we foster living and aging well, with dignity and purpose. As a gerontologist, Innovation Manager Carly Roman, PhD provides residents with hands-on support to get more comfortable using technology. “By offering classes and one-on-one help, residents feel more empowered to learn things that previously frustrated or intimidated them,” Carly explains. “Teaching a resident how to attach a file to an email so they can stay in touch with family or participate in MPTF programs like Grey Quill Society makes their lives easier and shows them that they are capable of learning new technology skills.”

Providing residents with a safe space to ask questions about their smartphones or how to use the internet is a critical first step in helping residents learn technology skills; all questions are valid, and we end up learning from each other. Since February, MPTF has been part of the AARP-affiliated Senior Planet Licensing Pilot Program, which provides staff and volunteers training and curriculum to teach in-person tech classes where residents learn about mobile devices, computer use, online shopping, security, telemedicine, Zoom calling, and more. Now Carly works with our Engagement, Innovation, and Recreation teams on these classes, plus a monthly Tech Tips show on Creative Chaos and a “Tech Table” every other Saturday for residents on campus with mother/daughter volunteer teams from the National Charity League. With residents mastering Zoom meetings, or getting extra tech support from staff and volunteers, they can be stars on Creative Chaos every week.