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The Silver Medallion

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The Silver Medallion Award was established in 1942 to recognize outstanding humanitarian achievement for the Motion Picture & Television Fund and the entertainment industry at large. The medallion itself was the result of a contest conducted among art directors; the winning design (which has since been adapted) was by Bernard Herzbrun, who himself served on the board for 20 years. Later that year, William Pereira became the first recipient for donating his architectural talents to what later became the Country House.

William Pereira (1942)
Sol Lesser (1944)
Jean Hersholt (1946)
Ewell D. Moore (1948)
Frederick Richards (posthumous) (1949)
William Perlberg (1949)
Wilma Bashor (1950)
Ralph Morgan (1951)
Mitchell Lewis (1951)
Bernard Herzbrun (1952)
John Charles Thomas (1952)
Lucile Brown Flavin (1955)
Valentine Davies (1957)
George L. Bagnall (1964)
Edmond L. DePatie (1965)
Otto Kruger (1966)
Gregory Peck (1971)
George Seaton (1971
William T. Kirk (1972)
Harry Ackerman (1973)
Frank McCarthy (1973)
Robert F. Blumofe (1973)
Joseph Youngerman (1974)
Frank I. Davis (1974)
Jules Stein (1975)
Mary Pickford (1976)
Jack Warner (1976)
Robert Wise (1976)
Samuel Goldwyn (posthumous) (1976)
Walter Pidgeon (1979)
Screen Smart Set (1979)
Lew Wasserman (1981)
Deane F. Johnson (1982)
Thomas M. Pryor (1983)
John L. Dales (1984)
Edie Wasserman (1985)
Howard W. Koch (1985)
Walter Seltzer (1986)
Malbert J. Caplan (1987)
Marvin Davis (1988)
Robert J. Vallier (1989)
Michael Wayne (1989)
Peter Mark Richman (1990)
Roddy McDowall (1991)
Charles “Buddy” Rogers (1995)
Kirk and Anne Douglas (1998)
Thomas C. Short (2007)
Marilyn and Jeffrey Katzenberg (2022)