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The Art Of Connecting
The first resident art show at MPTF

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At MPTF, “Creativity is ageless” is more than a motto; it’s a way of life. A powerful bond that brings us together, creative expression is something we’ve fostered among residents and supporters — from volunteers teaching drawing classes to pottery and origami lessons and even residents themselves teaching art to their peers. Now that spirit continues with MPTF’s first resident art show, recently held on campus at the Saban Center for Health and Wellness. Sylvie Madore, MPTF’s Supervisor of Recreation, explains “We try to do things where residents have a purpose with activities that have meaning.”

Safely wearing masks, residents discovered surprising talents and enjoyed in-person facetime with new arrivals as well. “Some of them had moved in during the pandemic,” Sylvie explains, “so a lot of people met for the first time, all laughing and pointing around. It created a lot of connections.” In fact, the show was such a hit that she wants to hold another show soon for all on campus to enjoy.