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Together Apart
Together Apart

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In July of 2020, MPTF teamed up with the Milken Institute to host the Social Isolation Impact Summit. MPTF has been at the forefront of exploring innovative solutions to social isolation and we are grateful to partner with the Milken Institute and their mission to serve as a catalyst for practical, scalable solutions to global challenges. A worthy union. The event generated a comprehensive report, Together Apart, that has just been released. In it, the factors that compound this hidden epidemic are brought to the surface, while examples of ways to combat social isolation, such as the Navajo Nation’s Protect the Sacred campaign targeting older people in the indigenous community, act as welcome inspiration. “There is hope—and opportunity,” as Bob Beitcher, MPTF’s President and CEO, noted optimistically. “Families and caregivers are increasingly engaged, volunteers are stepping up, and technologies are being employed in new ways.” We hope you take a few minutes to read this compelling report and use the newfound knowledge to help join the fight.