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Love Grows
A street with purple flowers and shrubs.

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Mike Spalinger, Director of Facilities at MPTF, walks about 4-1/2 miles a day overseeing the MPTF Wasserman Campus including its 13 acres of landscaped grounds. With nine meticulous landscapers who count a cumulative tenure of 172 years, he knows the campus is in excellent hands. Every day, the crew carefully tends to the walking paths and gardens. And each week in non-pandemic times, two fresh bouquets from the garden are delivered to MPTF Studios to be given to the winning “resident of the week” and another lucky resident—to spread the joy. The green arrangements and gorgeous blooms act as a lovely reflection of the good care we strive to take in all that we do.

In their day, Jules Stein and his partner at MCA Universal, Lew Wasserman, set up an endowment for the gardens knowing all this was possible. It was Lew’s idea to create a Koi pond on campus when the Stark Villas were being constructed, and it is Lew’s fish who continue to live in healthy abundance to the delight of many. When you visit the campus, be sure to say “hi” to the landscaping crew. Thank you to the entire landscaping team who work hard to keep everything safe and beautiful for all.