These are the people we touch and the work we do.
Paying It Forward

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For 128 years, IATSE has kept entertainment works protected, informed, and united, with a long lineage of passionate members paying it forward to the next generations. Allison Smartt, IATSE International Representative and a member of the MPTF NextGen Board, knows all about the enduring need to look out for each other. This value is at the heart of both her organization and MPTF, whose longstanding relationship includes fundraising events, food drives, vaccine clinics, and more. “IA members never cease to amaze me with their generosity – time, money, and services,” Allison explains. “We don’t call ourselves kin for no reason.”

“I’m surprised at the level of enthusiasm for participation during a global pandemic,” Allison says of such endeavors as costumers who sewed masks distributed through UCLA. “Whether it’s local unions participating with MPTF for food deliveries and grocery drop-offs, or young workers doing Care Calls,” she says, “I’ve seen people volunteer to also help members at our office. The turnout from volunteers has been amazing, and the lines have been nonstop. The need was there, and it was met.” Allison feels the importance of giving back for the well-being of others can’t be stressed too much. “You never know whose life you’re affecting,” she believes. “You don’t always see the ripples of your actions, but it’s important to jump in and make a splash.” Click here to find out more about NextGen.