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MPTF Influencers: Linda Duncombe

Chief Development Officer Courteney Bailey talks with City National Bank EVP, Chief Marketing, Product and Digital Officer Linda Duncombe. Recorded live October 11, 2022 on MPTF Studios' Creative Chaos.

Elle Key

MPTF Chief Development Officer Courteney Bailey talks with writer, producer, and director Elle Key on MPTF Influencers, recorded live September 13, 2022 on MPTF Studios' Creative Chaos.

For The Earth

Every April 22 we celebrate World Earth Day, focusing on protecting our planet in ways both large and small.

5 Mins to Enlightenment

Debi Conocenti, Employee Wellness Specialist at MPTF since 2014, speaks with Courteney Bailey on MPTF Studios’ Influencers about the work she does on the MPTF campus and how she got her start in this thriving field of work. Debi explains that her career started by...

A 5-minute guided meditation with Debi Conocenti

Courtenay Colors Outside the Lines

Some may say that Courtenay Valenti’s life began under dramatic circumstances as she found herself with an unlikely fan in President Lyndon B. Johnson (seen above, showing her a basket of puppies) Courtenay’s father, famed MPAA head Jack Valenti, was a trusted...

Courtenay Valenti with Lyndon B Johnson

Keep Climbing with Delta

MPTF’s Courteney Bailey welcomed Delta’s Scott Santoro, Vice President, Los Angeles and Sales-West, to speak with her on MPTF Influencers. In their conversation, Scott shared that in early March of 2020, Delta, an invaluable and long-term supporter of MPTF, was...

Keep Climbing with Delta