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The earth is in the dirt with ferns growing around it.

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Every April 22 we celebrate World Earth Day, focusing on protecting our planet in ways both large and small. Many organizations play their part in making a difference, and one of them is the Southern California chapter of Elders Climate Action, a nonpartisan activist group focusing on ways to combat global warming and build a positive future for new generations. Chapter member Dennis Higgins, an entertainment industry veteran with decades of work in publicity and marketing under his belt, has made three recent live appearances on MPTF Studios’ Creative Chaos to talk with our own Courteney Bailey and Jennifer Clymer about the organization’s call to action. Joined on two episodes by fellow member and chapter leader Richard Burke, he shared the many resources out there to not only inspire us but help rouse others to be more proactive.

“We offer things that all of you can enjoy doing,” Dennis says of the tips they can give to improve our environment. From picking up a cigarette butt to spearheading an area cleanup or advocating for cleaner emissions, there are so many gestures that can benefit everyone. Click below to see all three shows and find out ways we can all do our part every day to make a difference. Watch all of their videos below.