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I Am MPTF: Billy Ray, Ashlei Tave and Tony Ludwig

Oscar-nominated screenwriter Billy Ray, stunt woman Ashlei Tave, and producer and MPTF resident Tony Ludwig share their moving stories about why "I Am MPTF" at “100 Years of Hollywood: A Celebration of Service."

Fast Friends

“You two are out causing trouble!” That’s the joking reaction you can hear sometimes on campus when a special pair of friends is out cruising around on their motorized wheelchairs. A bond formed quickly earlier this year when resident Dave Pierce, who worked for...

A New Home

We all know life can throw a curve ball when you least expect it, and someone who knows that all too well is James Hearn. Now 73 years old, he worked for years in the industry doing testing and repairing of consoles and other equipment for sound mixing as well as...

A Life-Changing Three Years

In 2019, MPTF was awarded a three-year, $1-million grant from ACL (the Administration for Community Living) to serve people living with the effects of dementia and their caregivers. Partnering with Alzheimer’s LA and Wise & Healthy Aging, MPTF’s ACL...

Delicate Care

We’d like you to meet two people instrumental to our outpatient Palliative Care program: Anne Front, LMFT, APHSW‑C, a Palliative Care social worker, and Rabbi Arthur Rosenberg, Palliative Care Chaplain.