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Veterans Among Us
Old Photo of Soldier

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Orven Schanzer fought in WWII in the 9th Air Force. After three bronze stars, a victory ribbon, Good Conduct Medal and others, Orven returned to the states to begin an extensive career with 20th Century Fox. He was an editor on Cleopatra starring Elizabeth Taylor, worked on various films featuring Marilyn Monroe, and shows including Daniel Boone and The Fugitive. After 45 years in the business, he has some amazing stories to tell. Now 96, Orven lives in his home with his trusted caregiver and beloved niece, Lisa. Orven and Lisa receive support with the help of MPTF’s Palliative Care program. Their social worker Anne and Rabbi Rosenberg regularly check in to be sure their emotional and spiritual needs are being met and to listen to a story or two. Because that’s what our Hollywood family does. Orven says he is grateful to the community. And we’re grateful for you too, Orven. Thank you for your service.