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The Editors Guild
Thank you to The Editors Guild for your Donation

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These days, no one is a stranger to loss. If anything, in pandemic times, we’re likely overwhelmed by it and welcome a way to honor those we’ve cared about. The Editors Guild, IATSE Local 700, takes this idea one step further. Each year, for over three decades, the Guild donates to MPTF for every member who passed away in the previous year. In honor of those 44 members in 2020, that donation totaled $13,200. No small sum, however you look at it.

We are so grateful for the support, the innovative spirit that creates this tangible way to honor our community, and most of all for these members whose dedication to the craft is a legacy we hold dear. As Cathy Repola, National Executive Director for the Motion Picture Editors Guild, explains, “I started volunteering for MPTF many years ago and have witnessed first-hand the services MPTF provides to entertainment industry professionals. And for a very long time, our Board of Directors have understood the value of honoring members who have passed away in a fashion that ultimately helps care for our broader community.”