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Celebrating a Legend
Marilyn Monroe at Mosso & Frank's

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If institutions can be considered kindred spirits, then surely Musso & Frank and MPTF are that. Founded at the turn of the century in the nascent stages of Hollywood, both institutions celebrated 100 years of service to an industry—Musso’s founded in 1919 and MPTF in 1921. Musso & Frank not only kept countless stars in filets, but they were also the center of the universe for photo ops, intimate celebrations (in the legendary Back Room), and a backdrop to beloved Hollywood films and TV shows including Ocean’s Eleven, Swingers, Mad Men, The Kominsky Method and most recently, Quentin Tarantino’s award-winning Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

While Musso’s was still closed due to Covid restrictions, they worked hard behind the scenes to create new private dining areas. And for film and television, productions continue to roll. They also continued to provide health insurance to their devoted staff during the pandemic. Mark Echeverria, CFO, and part of the 101 year legacy of family proprietors, has been generous and instrumental in celebrating MPTF and our 100th. In 2019, around Musso’s 100th anniversary, they created a fundraising event for MPTF’s 100th, hosting a dinner with many residents in attendance. Thank you, Mark, for the support you give to MPTF and making certain our martinis are shaken, never stirred. Click here to watch MPTF resident Phil Gittelman on his Creative Chaos show Original Foodie as he talks with Mark about the restaurant, the menu, and more.