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Teaming Up

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People participating in a clothing swap, taking and offering clothes at a designated table.For over a decade, IATSE has fostered Young Workers committees for any of its union members and leaders under the age of 35. The dedication of the Young Make SaleWorkers to giving back has been truly impressive over the years, including volunteering, food banks, and education opportunities. The Young Workers have been playing their part for MPTF as well, including a Make Sale on January 28th with baked or made goods held at The Animation Guild. “MPTF is dear to the heart of the Editors Guild, Local 700,” says Shiran Carolyn Amir, ACE. During industry turbulence last year, she says, “The Local 700 Young Workers wanted to bring the locals together in a Bake Sale for a good cause. And what better cause than MPTF? In a freelance industry fraught with uncertainty, it’s reassuring to know that MPTF is always there for us. They were there for us when Covid hit, they were there for us as we faced severe work stoppages last year, and with our support, they can also be there in the future. We may be young, but we hope MPTF outlasts us all!

“The Make Sale organized by Make SaleHollywood IATSE Young Worker Chair Committee showcased the interconnectedness of union and future union entertainment workers,” added Allison Smartt of MPTF NextGen, a major organizer for the Make Sale, and Field Organizer for The Animation Guild. “People of all ages, from many different crafts, and at every career stage attended the event to support each other, MPTF, and to have fun while doing it. I think IATSE Young Workers have an acute awareness of the fragility of our industry — many of us began in the workforce on the heels of the Great Recession, Office event with refreshments and two people smiling at the camera.have survived through a global pandemic, struggled under record inflation, and come out the other side of recent strikes with a reinforced understanding of the importance of solidarity and securing the future of our industry. Through the challenging times that shaped us, and for all the times in between, MPTF exemplifies the importance of community and building networks of support. That’s why I’ll always be there for MPTF when it needs me.”

Adds Matthew T. Borek, ICG Local 600 and a Young Workers veteran, “Our industry is filled with the most creative individuals so it makes sense for us to come together to sustain the collaborative spirit and provide care in times of need. I’ve personally volunteered multiple times for MPTF’s Day at the Ranch and Heartbeat of Hollywood Golf Tournament. Both events are fundraisers which are essential to the success of the MPTF’s mission. Industry members come together for days filled with family activities and golf, as well as food and fun. It’s an honor and a pleasure to volunteer for these events because it is fulfilling to know that my time has been spent aiding MPTF continue the tradition of supporting retirees in living and aging well, with dignity and purpose.

Thank you so much to the Young Workers for all they do!

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