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Paving the Way
Courteney Bailey Interviews Monica Macer about NextGen

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Courteney Bailey, Chief Development Officer for MPTF, recently spoke with Monica Macer, Executive Producer, Showrunner, Screenwriter, and member of the Board for MPTF’s NextGen. Monica is an accomplished and acclaimed member of the entertainment community and represents both African American and Asian American diversity. During February’s Black History Month, she shared her enthusiasm as the faces of America become more inclusive, which is “life changing in terms of representation and being able to see yourself in others.”

Monica speaks about the instigating factor in joining MPTF’s NextGen board when she visited the campus in 2015. “There was something about talking with the residents. Korean culture is very honorific in terms of our elders and respect. I felt like I was sitting amongst the elders, those who had gone before and paved a trail that I could then walk as a woman, as a woman of color in this industry, that really moved me. I really wanted to give back and I’d been looking for a way to give back that felt meaningful and unique to what I do. I’m not only giving back to those who have gone before me, but I’m also trying to continue to pave the way for those who are coming behind me. And ever since then, I’ve been all in.” If you’re looking for a way to give back, learn more about our NextGen group and join the fun.