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A Tribute to Harry Northup

Beyond Baroque presents a special tribute to actor, poet, L.A. legend, and MPTF resident Harry Northup. Featured poets and guest speakers include Courteney Bailey, Bob Beitcher, Laurel Ann Bogen, Jeanette Clough, Jennifer Clymer, Corinne Conley, James Cushing,...

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MPTF Generations: Helen Richman & Julia Lester

Actress and MPTF resident Helen Richman and her granddaughter, Tony nominee Julia Lester (Into the Woods), talk with MPTF Studios' Jennifer Clymer about their special creative bond.

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Father’s Day

June 18, 2023 - Our MPTF family is full of stories of fatherhood, including several right here on campus. For example, Richard M. Learman, a resident here for four years, had many positions in the entertainment industry for five decades including Assistant...

Richard Learman and Kelly Browne

Our Green Team

At MPTF, we salute those who maintain our planet while conserving the resources we need for the future. Nowhere is that more evident than our Landscaping team who work hard every day keeping our grounds safe, healthy, and beautiful. In honor of Earth Day, the crew...

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One of a Kind

This year sees the retirement of a true legend here at MPTF: Dr. Saeed Humayun, who has had a profound impact on the lives of countless patients and coworkers. Whether caring for resident in our Long Term Care or in our Age Well program, he has exhibited  truly...

A Vote of Confidence

We're very pleased to report that MPTF once again just received a Five-Star Rating in 2023 from, which created the Five-Star Quality Rating System through the site to help consumers, their families, and caregivers compare nursing homes more...

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MPTF Country Home cottage residents Alan and Sally Sloan faced an unexpected test recently when Sally fainted on the way to breakfast and hit her head. After a three-week hospital visit and rehab due to brain bleed, Sally is back on our campus at our Mary Pickford...

Alan and Sally Sloan

A Very Creative Year

We can’t help but admire the endless creativity and passion of our residents and volunteers from all walks of the entertainment industry. One way they keep their skills honed is The Grey Quill Society, a group of professional and newbie writers that began in 2012...

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Lights, Camera, Take Action!

Aired live on Los Angeles' KTLA 5 on December 10, 2022, MPTF's first live telethon is hosted by Yvette Nicole Brown and Tom Bergeron, and produced by Phil Rosenthal and David Wild. Thank you to our presenting sponsors, City National Bank and UCLA Health. To donate...

Tom Bergeron and Yvette Nicole Brown