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MPTF is a national thought leader for connection in the social isolation space. And on May 19th, 2021, MPTF’s Social Isolation Impact Project and its Director, Maureen Feldman, were honored by the Los Angeles Alliance for Community Health and Aging’s Innovation Committee with its first leadership award. LAACHA highlighted that the program “addresses the needs of diverse older adults throughout the Los Angeles region” and “met every one of the outlined criteria, demonstrating outstanding qualities and impact of (the) program.” From improving access, creativity, engagement, efficiencies, and supporting health equity values, there’s simply no doubt about the valuable role this program plays not only in the lives of our entertainment industry members but also beyond to the greater community. Dr. Scott Kaiser, MPTF’s Chief Innovation Officer and CEO Bob Beitcher joined Maureen in accepting LAACHA’s recognition. Congratulations to all those who participate in making the program a force for good. Click here to find out more about our Social Connectivity programs.