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A Heart Connection
Stacey Rigney Volunteers as tribute to father Richard “Duke” Anderson

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Stacey Rigney’s dad, Richard “Duke” Anderson, lived in a cottage and then in Mary Pickford House at MPTF for 8 years before he passed just over a year ago. Duke worked as a sound mixer for television for most of his long career. He was instrumental in forming the much-beloved Grey Quill Society, which continues to this day as a weekly writing workshop on campus.

Through Duke’s journey at the Motion Picture Home and her frequent visits, Stacey fell in love with the other residents and the staff that provided Duke with such extraordinary care and compassion. She became an MPTF volunteer, and even after Duke’s passing, she continued to pay it forward with her work on campus. When the pandemic hit, Stacey envisioned the tough road ahead for residents and decided she needed to share the love. Stacey fired up the kiln and with the help of friends, made various-sized glass hearts for the residents, delivered with the note, “A little reminder that you are loved.” CEO Bob Beitcher carries one in a talisman pouch in his pocket and says, “The simple act of holding it in my hand reminds me of what holds us all together on this campus. Over the past 12 months, it became a very welcome companion during dark moments and centered me on where we are and who I am.” So from Bob and all the residents on campus, thank you, Stacey, for all the love you give.