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Thank You to Our Screeners and Guards for Keeping Us Safe, pictured Don Roberts

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For the MPTF campus, the safety of its residents and staff has long been held as a sacred duty. Safety got a little more complicated on March 9th, 2020, when new Covid-19 protocols were added to the line of duty: health questions, a temperature check, and for those who needed it, a mask to wear on campus. From 4:30 am until 11:45 pm, rain or shine, you would find a Screener waiting and willing to offer admittance should you pass the test. On a normal day, employees, caregivers, volunteers, and others passing through can number nearly 500. And employees get temperature checked and screened on their way in to work and temperature checked on their way out!

Who came to the rescue? When the pandemic started and MPTF locked down its Saban Health and Wellness Center, it was thought that Diana Byrne, Manager, Health & Wellness and her staff of 12 might be furloughed. But pivot was the word of the year, and a door of possibility opened. “At first the Screeners thought taking visitor’s temperature wasn’t a big deal.” But, as things evolved, Diana noticed, “they realized the important role they play in keeping the campus and residents safe.” They were part of the superheroes who rose up during the times of Covid to salute the MPTF mission of taking care of its own. So next time you visit campus, don’t forget to wear your mask, and be sure to say “hi!” on your way in. Thank you to our Screeners Adam, Carter, Chris, Kristine, Luigi, Mike, Peter, Ricky, and Vanessa, and to our Guards Alex, Anthony, Chris, Edgar, Emonjay, Josh, Khashayar, Oscar, Sergio, Thomas, Todd, Tommy, Wemimo, and Don Roberts (featured in photo) for keeping us safe.