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Thank You, Paramount
Thank You, Paramount MPTF Billboard

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As a charitable organization that relies upon the generosity of others, MPTF is honored by the benevolence of Paramount Pictures. That giving spirit begins with the CEO and Chairman, Jim Gianopulos’ participation on MPTF’s Board of Directors, and carries across the studio in myriad ways including mentorship of our NextGen members, the annual company-wide day of service on The Wasserman Campus, and the Halloween-inspired auction of props from the set of The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor (proceeds donated to MPTF). Jennifer Lynch, SVP Corporate Social Responsibility, who describes her role as guiding “all the ways that Paramount gives back to the community,” paid it forward, yet again, when she offered MPTF the use of two prominent billboards in the city on Fairfax and Melrose and Whitsett near Studio City. Thank you, Jim, for your guiding energy, Jennifer, and the whole team at Paramount for your continued friendship and care. (Originally published October 2020)