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Living on the
Wasserman Campus: FAQs

Q: Besides residential accommodations, does MPTF help the entertainment industry in other ways?

A: MPTF offers palliative care, child care, social and charitable services, as well as a model retirement community to the California entertainment industry. We provide a full range of supportive services for members of the industry, whether they are young, middle-aged or older.

Q: Do you have to turn over your assets to live at MPTF?

A: This is not the case. Residents pay for their accommodations on a monthly basis. Related services, such as personal care, are paid for on a fee-for service basis.

Q: Is MPTF only for people in the film industry?

A: MPTF welcomes people in the motion picture and television industry, and other entertainment-related fields. Individuals must have at least 20 “qualifying years” of employment in the entertainment industry to be eligible for the retirement community. For eligibility information on all other MPTF services, please visit our website at

Q: Do you have to give up your car and independence when you move into MPTF?

A: All residents who own a car will be assigned a reserved parking spot located in close proximity to their accommodations. Residents are encouraged to live as independently as they choose. In fact, many residents choose to spend their time participating in activities throughout the community.

Q: If I outlive my resources, will I be kicked out?

A: MPTF is committed to “taking care of our own,” regardless of a person’s ability to pay. Therefore, you are cared for should your finances run out. In addition, financial counseling is available to help you plan for your retirement.