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“It Starts with You!”
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That phrase was the theme this year for Paramount Community Day, a time to volunteer, come together, and be a part of something bigger. They lived up to that commitment by returning to MPTF for their fourth annual day of service. “It’s not only that the Paramount volunteers are making a difference in our community, but they’re making a difference for the people who came before them in their own community, their own industry,” says Fredda Johnson, Director of Engagement.

“Coming to our campus is special, where ‘giving back’ becomes personal.” This year they built and painted ramps for those who needed them for accessibility to their front doors both on campus and in the community. Russell Nelson, Paramount’s Vice-President of Awards, returned for his third year and second year as team leader. “Last year I had so much fun working with everyone at MPTF that I couldn’t wait to be team leader again this year. MPTF does such amazing work and I wanted to help those who gave so much to our industry!” Added Erin Jordan, Director, Corporate Social Responsibility: “Paramount Pictures has supported MPTF since the beginning. Serving the organization as part of our annual day of service is always a popular event because we’re reminded of the great work MPFT does for our industry seniors and they always find creative ways that our volunteers can be there for those who helped build this industry.”

Arriving at 9:30 in the morning, the teams were ready to build and create. The theme was movies and with help from homemade stencils, The Godfather, Top Gun, and Paramount’s logo were among the designs. We’d also like to give a shout out to one of the team members, casting director Geraldine Leder, who participated in these special days every year and has a very appropriate movie in her list of credits: Pay It Forward.