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Our Four-Legged Friends
Our Four-Legged Friends

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For the last 25 years, dogs of all shapes and sizes have brought love to The Wasserman Campus. Whether it’s our residents caring for their own dogs or enjoying interacting with our furry volunteers, these wonderful canines are transformative in helping to eliminate loneliness, helplessness, and boredom. Our MPTF volunteers consist of humans and canines, with weekly visits brightening the day on campus.

Since 2018, we’ve brought quality pet time to residents at the Motion Picture Home with Love on a Leash, a volunteer organization who bring loving furry visitors. For over two decades, volunteer Linda Young has brought generations of fluffy dogs to visit with our most vulnerable residents. Our Engagement Manager, Holly Spiegel, brings her own Tova Ruth (a long-haired Chihuahua-Papillon mix) who serves as mascot at the MPTF Volunteer Cottage and a volunteer visitor and greeter on campus. Longtime MPTF supporter Lisa Lillien, aka Hungry Girl, alternates campus visits bringing in her own two best buddies, Lolly (who’s been coming for three years) and newcomer Bam Bam. “Lolly and Bam Bam immediately put smiles on faces!” says Lisa. “I also find that pet visits bring back lots of great memories for the residents who love to tell stories about the pets they’ve owned.” In addition, multiple members of our own MPTF staff love fostering dogs, such as our Elder Connection social worker Wendy Garfinkel — whose own golden retriever, Max, has been a campus volunteer fixture for years including taking part in the Villa walking group and bringing love to Long Term Care. “During the pandemic dogs have been so therapeutic,” Wendy says. “Talking to residents, there are people who love that companionship and connection to something greater.” Now meet a few of our four-legged friends below!

Lolly and Bam Bam spend quality time with residents. Photos: Lisa Lillien

Max is ready for shuffleboard. Photo: Wendy Garfinkel

Tova Ruth kicks back at our volunteer cottage and getting acquainted with Howard on 2021’s Pride Day. Photo: Holly Spiegel

Love on a Leash visits MPTF. Photos: Holly Spiegel