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How We Take Care Of Our Own
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“My role isn’t just one for my residents, but also for their immediate family as well.” That’s how Rachel Reiff, LCSW, CSW-G, ACHP-SW, thinks about her work in providing essential support for our residents on campus. Unlike our community social workers, Rachel, who has graced MPTF for 16 years and first started out in Long-Term Care, focuses on those who either live on The Wasserman Campus or are in the process of moving here. “I work with many of the residents, providing emotional support, sometimes even helping them with family issues and new diagnoses,” she explains. “Some of them might be in palliative care or even hospice care, and we are there to support and guide.” On any given day, Rachel might also be involved in a comprehensive geriatric assessment, including cognitive testing, for an industry member who wants to move onto campus. For some, she says, “It’s such a welcome, wonderful change because it means they don’t have to worry about cooking, cleaning, and taking care of all those things in the household that were just getting to be too much for them. And they are among industry friends.” During the pandemic, social work on campus has had new challenges, managing the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of residents who couldn’t engage in their usual activities, but, as Rachel reflects, “we helped our residents get through to the other side of this. It’s wonderful to help these residents; we’re one big family here. I’m grateful to be here and honored to be part of it.” Find out more about about our residential community here, and click here to learn more about the services we offer.