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Dissecting Da 5 Bloods
Motion Picture & Television Fund Da 5 Bloods

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As The New York Times’ review of Da 5 Bloods said it best: “Spike Lee’s new joint is an anguished, funny, violent argument with and about American history with an unforgettable performance from Delroy Lindo at its heart.” Join Spike Lee and Delroy Lindo in a conversation on MPTF’s Creative Chaos where they share a fascinating conversation around what it has meant to be a black man fighting for America throughout history, the impact of PTSD, and Delroy’s portrayal as a Trump supporter and military veteran.

The two delve into filmmaking by dissecting various scenes, showcasing their chemistry and improvisational chops, and speaking to their deep respect for Chadwick Boseman and his involvement in the film. Spike Lee has always been a pivotal filmmaker in America and for American culture. “A lot of my work has been to fill in parts of the American narrative that have been erased, twisted, or…” and as Delroy fills in for Spike, “…expurgated, disappeared.” Watch their fascinating interview and learn how the pros get it done.