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Connecting to the Light
“Connecting to the Light—How to Cope in this Uncertain Time.” with Rabbi Arthur Rosenberg and Chaplain Dina Kuperstock

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On December 16th, 2020, our webinar series wrapped up its first year with “Connecting to the Light—How to Cope in this Uncertain Time.” Our dedicated on-campus chaplains, Rabbi Arthur Rosenberg and Chaplain Dina Kuperstock, live on the front lines of care, offering support and reminding us all how to connect with the things that matter most. As Dina sums up brilliantly, “The challenges of 2020 have called us into the realm of the spiritual, ‘Where do I fit in the bigger picture?’ ‘What story am I a part of?’—if you find yourself overwhelmed by obstacles or the suffering around you, we’re here to help tap into the internal resources every person has for finding renewed balance.”

“Happy is the person who is content with his lot or portion,” adds Arthur, referencing a passage from the Talmud, while reminding us, “It’s always a choice: how you see the world, what you take in, and how you react to it is always a choice.” And during a time when those choices, those unexpected decisions, may be more fraught with fear and anxiety, this seminar offers powerful guidance for everyone.