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COVID-19 information, continued from the home page.

Update from Bob Beitcher, MPTF President and CEO (April 27, 2020):

I have always considered MPTF as being “owned” by the entertainment industry. Technically not, we’re a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, but for all intents and purposes we’ve been serving our community for nearly 100 years now thanks to the generosity of industry members like you, so it’s really yours!

Today we are staring down the single most daunting existential threat to MPTF, the COVID-19 virus. We’ve gotten through the transition from silent films to talkies, from black-and-white to color, from analog-to-digital, through a Depression and a World War, from film to TV and film to TV, film and streaming, from recessions and consolidations but never anything like this pernicious, invisible, sometimes lethal, droplet-transmitted infectious disease that has brought our industry to a grinding halt, sent us all to hunker down at home, and invaded the residence of our most frail and vulnerable industry seniors on the Motion Picture campus. At times, it feels like a sci-fi movie come to life, or a nightmare that we can’t quite wake up from, or now, that we’re even sure what the safe way to wake up from is.

We’ve lost 6 residents, six kind and loving souls with family roots in the entertainment industry, who leave family members and staff with sadness in their hearts. We have been nursing an additional 11 through the disease course, 24×7 care in an isolation unit that feels to the staff like a virus soup. Thankfully, with great celebration from our health care heroes, the first positive-tested resident has returned to his home on campus. We hope to have several others soon who will share in that glorious moment of knowing they are safe once again. And we have had 11 members of staff laid low by the virus. They too are challenged but returning to campus one at a time.

It is the knowledge that our mission of “taking care of our own” is embraced by so many not only on our campus but in our wider community that keeps us going when times are the darkest. It is the generosity of so many who have contributed to the MPTF COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund or many other funds, who have dropped off PPE at our security gate, who have produced beautiful masks for our residents, who have made entertaining videos for our residents, who have placed care calls to our seniors in the community, who have shopped for and delivered groceries for those without access or without fund, who have participated in our Channel 22 livestream show, who have sent meals to the staff or posted gratitude on social media, that helps us understand that there’s a greater force guiding us through this tangle of silent spreading, PPE shortage, staffing shortage, and persistent stress.

We thank you all for being by our side, on our side. We are grateful for everything you do, including a little thought of care and compassion during the day, and we most definitely plan to be here for you for another 100 years!

Previous Updates
March 31, 2020

We are following guidelines and recommendations issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), California Department of Health, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and the Department of Social Services. Our preventative measures on campus including:

  • Entry to the campus is limited to employees, essential volunteers, and necessary vendors, such as supply deliveries. Family members and visitors are restricted from entering the campus — per directives of health officials.
  • Every single person entering campus is screened before entry. The screening consists of a thermal scanner (for body temperature) and a questionnaire about any symptoms as greater insight evolves from the medical community.
  • Campus entry/exit is restricted to Gate 2 at the corner of Mulholland and Spielberg Drive.
  • All non-essential campus actovities are suspended.
  • The Saban Center for Health and Wellness is closed

Additionally, MPTF has implemented enhanced infection control procedures designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. These include:

  • Educating our staff on the most current CDC recommendations for protecting residents
  • Educating our residents on COVID-19 hygiene
  • Campus-wide distribution of hand sanitizer stations, hand gel bottles, and germicidal wipes, along with Cover-Cough educational signage
  • Increased frequency of cleaning in residential and nursing area high touch surfaces
  • Increased cleaning of restrooms and public areas with anti-viral, anti-bacterial chemical solutions

As you know, we take the health of our residents and employees very seriously as we care for a vulnerable population as well as our precious caregivers.

The UCLA-Health Age-Well Health Center and UCLA Health Physical Therapy facility remain open and are operating under normal hours. Any outside visitors to either of these facilities will undergo the campus entry process described above.

Through its Channel 22 in-house media outlet, MPTF is able to communicate broadly with its residents on a 24×7 basis, providing COVID-19 updates as well as programming that keeps residents alert and engaged.

Families of residents are restricted from visiting but are receiving weekly update communications from MPTF.