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Resident’s Friends

Residents’ Friends: $1,000 – $2,499

Eriana Abels Estate
Harriet Alef
Russ T. Alsobrook
Kary and Karen Antholis
Joseph A. Aredas
Michelle and Dee Bradley Baker
Canard and Jennifer Barnes
David M. Bassett
Curt and Anna Behlmer
Tony Bennett
William D. Bernstein
Steven N. Bersch
Cassie Fink and Matt Biederman
Gil Birmingham
Peter and Lisa Block
Kit Boss and Rosemary Smith
Beverly and Curt Bourland
David P. Bowlus
Bernard and Chanin Bradshaw
Mary Alice “Beth” Brendle Estate
Adrien Brody
William Burchette Estate
Dean Butler and Katherine Cannon Butler
Sue Cabral Ebert
Edward F. Carri
Hazel Cassell Estate
Geoffrey Colo
Richard E. Cone Estate
Doug Corbin
Steve Cordray Estate
Jackie D. Counter
Joan Crawford Estate
Alan Crosland Estate
Doris Day
Robert A. Del Valle, Jr.
David and Jan Demont
Susan and Jonathan Dolgen

Pat and Paula Donahue Family Foundation Fund

Heiko Von Drengenberg
Brian Duffy
Marion Dugan Estate
Sally Espinoza
Mike Farah
Frank E. Fassnacht
Carol Fielder Estate
Sandy and Allison Fields
Steven Fierberg
Lisa Fischer
Ruth Brooks Flippen Estate
Maurice Forss Estate
Robert Alan Foulkes
Glenn and Debra Gainor
Peter S. Goldwyn
Mark J. Gordon
Patricia and Meyer Gottlieb
Dwayne O. Grady
Walon and Anne Green
Fred W. Griggs
Laurie E. Groh
Claudia Hardeman Estate
Edith Head Estate
Buck Henry Charitable Fund
Michael A. Hernandez
Christopher Hewett Estate
Maggi Hill Estate
Rudy Hornish and Nancy Kandal
Christopher N. Howell
William and Denice Hoy
Rock Hudson Estate
David Jarrell
Richard Kahn
Leonard Kaufman Estate
Justin Kirk
Chris Friedgen and Ken Koch
Anthony La Scala Estate
Ed and Felice Lammi
Mary S. Ledding
Gail Kamer Lieberfarb and Warren Lieberfarb

Matthew D. Loeb

Rick A. Ludwin
James Lundin
Don Lusk
Monica Macer
Gayle S. Maffeo
Richard and Sharon Marcus
Angela and Brian Marler
Peter P. Marley
James Martin Estate
Julie and Dick May
Caroline and Robert McRoy
Robert R. Meisner
David and Kathryn Menteer
Janice Jorden and Burt Metcalf
Lillian Michelson
Jeffrey S. Miller
Michael F. Miller, Jr.
Mark Monninger
Anne Mosell
Missy Muldoon
Tendo Nagenda
Charles A. Nelson Estate
Shane R. Nickerson
Scott Niner
Henry P. Olek
Michael and Mary O’Neill
Gregg and Debbie Oppenheimer
Gloria and Carmine Palazzo
Gerald Pam Estate
Diane Cary and James Parriott
Rose Perechov Estate
Alwyn Walter Peregoy Estate
Nora Ephron & Nicholas Pileggi Foundation
Noah and Maureen Pollack
The Ponicsan Charitable Fund & Darryl Ponicsan
Vadja Potenza
Beatrice Powell Estate
Stephen Prime
Hal and Joy Rattray
Mark Robert Reilly
Cathy Repola

Helen and Peter Mark Richman

Melinda Ritz
Ruth M. Roberts
Stanley Roberts Estate
Beverly and Carl Rock
Ed and Murphy Romano
Jaclyn B. Rosenberg
Marion and Diane Rothman
Mike Royce
Dylan and Casondra Ruga
Frank and Lynn Ruger
Condon Russell Estate
Eva Marie Saint
Alvin Sargent
Lindy Schlesinger Estate
Margaret Z. Schwartz
Christopher P. Sheridan
Melody M. Sherwood
Claude Shumaker Estate
Arnie and Carol Shupack
Martha Sigall Estate
Eugene Simpson Estate
Mary Quen Singer
Alex and Liz Skvorzov
Jay Smith Estate
Douglas B. Soesbe
Jeffrey T. Spellman
Jennifer Valentine Sperber and Mikko D. Sperber
Leonard Spigelgass Estate
Dante and Marcella Spinotti
Lorraine and Steven Spira
Julia M. Spiro
Harvey E. Stambler Estate
Jill A. Stirdivant
Glenn Stone Estate
Ray Teal Estate
Linda G. Thieben
Barry K. Thomas
Evelyn M. Tlapa
Deborah and David Trainer
Steven Twersky
Bryan G. Unger

The Van Petten Family

Joyce and Michael Vasquez
Laura and Andrew Wasser
Martha Wasserman
Jim and Lisa Watters
Karen Weilacher
Rose Weisman Estate
David White
Lavinia White Estate
Joyce and Ken Worley
Gary Worthington Estate
Bob Yerkes
Ruth Young

*We acknowledge with gratitude donors who wish to remain anonymous.

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Lillian Michelson: Hollywood’s Librarian

Lillian Michelson has helped guide some of the brightest filmmakers through her work as a hollywood archivist and librarian. She's a certifiable behind-the-scenes legend and calls MPTF home. Watch Lillian's story, performed by Alessandro Nivola (Face/Off, American...

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Tony Goldwyn on the Samuel Goldwyn Children’s Center

Tony Goldwyn on the Samuel Goldwyn Children’s Center

The Samuel Goldwyn Children's Center embraces the busy work schedules of entertainment industry professionals and serves as a reminder of the long legacy of Goldwyns supporting MPTF and its mission. Watch the children's center story, performed by Samuel Goldwyn's...

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Tiffany Lawrence – Openness Matters

Tiffany Lawrence – Openness Matters

By Eric Lichtenfeld Many of the people you’ll find in Hollywood or on our campus began their careers with a dream, but MPTF’s Tiffany Lawrence has one that’s a little different: to be a probation officer. However, after working in the juvenile justice system for three...

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