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Stuart M. Abramson
Mike J. Apperson
Gayle and Steven Aron
Malcolm Atterbury Estate
David R. Augsburger
Kimberly L. Ayers
Eileen M. Baker
Nancy Barker
Carolyn Bartholomew and Mark Baumohl
Frances Bay Estate
Dana Belcastro
Michael V. Berdrow
Mariellen and Peter Bergman
Julianna M. Bessey
Beau and Cecelia Billingslea
Renne and Bruce Bilson
Leah Bishop and Gary Yale
Diana S. Blankenship
Dennis Blocker
H. Dewitt Bodeen Estate
William Bowling
Marcia Braunstein
Eugene and Regina Brice
Clarence L. Brown Estate
Noel Butcher
Minna S. Buxbaum Fund
Robert Cade, Jr.
Gerri and Rocco Calabrese
Colin and Louise Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. David E. Campbell
Dee and Rick Carduner
Steven Casman
Ed Castro
Luis M. Cerros
Chang Chae and Hoffman Sabban & Watenmaker
Diana Chesney Estate
Elizabeth Clark
Aileen and Tommy Cole
Denise and Michael Colletta
Ryan Craig
Christine A. Culler
Linda P. Daane
Divya Khanna Dalal and Rajiv Dalal
Gary L. Dally
Ann B. Davis Estate
Jon F. Davison
Alexandra and Chris deFaria
Matt DelPiano
Dorothy Dodie Demme Estate
Stephen M. Denes
Eric DeWitt
Lynn and Bruce Doering
David and Silvia Doescher
Thomas A. Duffield, Jr.
William G. Dunlop
Jane Auerbach and Robert Eberlein
Alan Ebner Estate
Mark Edwards
Jeffrey R. Epstein
Myrna and Howard Fabrick
Jamie and Joy Farr
Deborah M. Farris
Frances and Charles Ferris
Lawrence Ferritto
Edward W. Firestone Estate
Sara Fischer
Peter Fornstam
Steven Gage
Julie Gardner
Randall L. Gaston
Renee A. Gates
James Gear Estate
Jeff Gerber
Starr D. Gilliard
Betty and Jack Gleason
William Goldman Estate
Carol and William Gordean
Shane Greedy
Jack Green
Jay Grigsby
William A. Guerrero
Kym B. Hall
Casey C. Hallenbeck
Sean C. Harkess
David Hartsman
Barry Harvey
Mary and Danny Haskell
Susan J. Hayes
Shahram Hazany
Duncan and Michele Henderson
Gail and Terry Henry
Gail M. Hoard
Howard B. Hodges
Shari Hoffman
JoAnne F. Hoopes
Thomas Hrupcho
Kathy Russo and Bob Iannaccone
Toby Jaffe
Francine Patricia Jamison
David J. Jefferson
Norman F. Jewison
David L. Johnson
Sandra W. Kang
Serzhik Kazarian
Rick and Jennifer Kelley
Gloria and Patrick Kennedy
Joanna Kerns and Marc Appleton
Jeffrey F. King
Ms. Lynzee Klingman
Cynthia Blees Klustner
Kevin Koster
Michael H. Kuehl
Alex Kurtzman
Karin Lacy
Mary C. Lane
Brian J. Lawlor
Dea Lawrence
Dr. Timothy M. Lefevre
Peter and Audrey Levin
Marla E. Levine
Marvin J. Levy
Wendy and Johnny Lo
Beth and Steve Lodge
A.J. Longo & Associates
Stacey and David Lubliner
Skip and Dany Lusk
Peter K. Mahoney
Leslie and Bill Mann
Toni and David Mannix
Laura and Kevin Marks
Jan Martens
Eugene Mazzola Martin
Thomas B. McCrory Estate
Laura McGannon
Joe Medjuck
Sharon and Arnie Messer
Ralph A. Mikkelsen
Tom Miller
Jean and Ted Miller
Debra I. Moore
Alberto Morin Estate
Jeffrey D. Morton
Michelle and Kieran Mulroney
John L. Murray
Heidi J. Nakamura
Stephen Nathan
John and Shayna Naulin
Hillary Newman
James F. Nolan Estate
Leonicio F. Ortiz-Gil
Robert and Ann Osher
Angelo A. Palazzo
George and Kathy Palazzo
Clint Palmer
Katherine Wall Pickering
Christina Pickles
Julie D. Pitkanen
Charlene and Ira Podnos
Bernie Pollack
Carole R. Potts
Fabienne Rawley and Kendall Marsh
Mark Redhead
Gregory G. Reeves
Christopher Riordan
Ruth M. Roberts
Melisa Baratta Roberts and Hugh B. Roberts
Michael M. Robin
Jay Roewe
Hilda Rolfe
Joan and Ron Rutberg
Charles Saldana, III
Marvin Salsberg
Jeff Sanderson
Rhody Davis and Ken Scherer
Richard T. Schor
Susan B. Schubert
Susan D. Schuler
Craig Saavedra and Joaquin G. Sedillo
Maria Seferian
Anne Seymour Estate
Richard and Susan Shamban
Allison Shearmur Estate
Thomas Sherman
Sharon Siefert and Peter Tomashevski
Ruth Loomis and Josh Silver
Margie Simkin
Grace and Dan Slusser
Dennis L. Smith
James D. Smith
Carol and Tom Snyder
Buffy Snyder
Marc A. Solomon
Dee Somers
Joy Taylor and Antonio Soriano
John and Katie Soukup
James H. Spencer
Christopher Keyser and Susan Sprung
Sally J. Stevens
Michael and Sandy Stevenson
Jacqueline and Dean Stolber
Sherry Sexton and Daniel C. Striepeke
William Sylvester Estate
Rita Taggart
Mark K. Taylor
Patricia and Ernest Taylor
Richard R. Teasley
Lydia Telo
Michael T. Tidik
Mimi and Brad Toberman
Dmitry Tokar
Gyula Toth
Louise Valeazquez Tully
William D. Turro
Sandy and Ron Underwood
Terrie Velazquez
Paula and Larry Verbit
Paul Eli Vigil
Kathy Virkler
Chip Vucelich
Laura K. Wade
Darren R. Webb
Joan Webster
Stephanie Romanov Wechsler and Nick Wechsler
Mary L. Whiteley
Halory Candis Williams, Sr.
John T. Williams
Christine and James Wong
Melissa Wylie
Karen and Michael Youngern
Brittany Zedlitz
Raymond L. Zielinski, Jr. Estate





*We acknowledge with gratitude donors who wish to remain anonymous.

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Lillian Michelson: Hollywood’s Librarian

Lillian Michelson: Hollywood’s Librarian

Lillian Michelson has helped guide some of the brightest filmmakers through her work as a hollywood archivist and librarian. She's a certifiable behind-the-scenes legend and calls MPTF home. Watch Lillian's story, performed by Alessandro Nivola (Face/Off, American...

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Tony Goldwyn on the Samuel Goldwyn Children’s Center

Tony Goldwyn on the Samuel Goldwyn Children’s Center

The Samuel Goldwyn Children's Center embraces the busy work schedules of entertainment industry professionals and serves as a reminder of the long legacy of Goldwyns supporting MPTF and its mission. Watch the children's center story, performed by Samuel Goldwyn's...

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Tiffany Lawrence – Openness Matters

Tiffany Lawrence – Openness Matters

By Eric Lichtenfeld Many of the people you’ll find in Hollywood or on our campus began their careers with a dream, but MPTF’s Tiffany Lawrence has one that’s a little different: to be a probation officer. However, after working in the juvenile justice system for three...

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