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Annual Donors

MPTF’s annual donors are following in the time honored tradition of taking care of our own. What started in 1921 when Mary Pickford set out a simple coin box in a Hollywood Boulevard storefront has grown into an organization with far reaching impact. MPTF depends on the annual support of our donors to provide vital programs and services to members of the entertainment industry.

Thank you to our annual donors for their support at any giving level.

Annual Donors Honor Roll

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Annual Fund
Annual Fund $100 - $249
Annual Fund $25 - $49
Annual Fund $250 - $499
Annual Fund $5 - $24
Annual Fund $50 - $99
Circle of Friends
COF Chairman's $10,000
COF Founders $25,000+
COF Friends $500 - $999
COF Leadership $5000
COF Presidents $2500
COF Residents $1k - $2499
Corporate & Foundation
$2,499 - $1,000
$24,999 - $10,000
$249,000 - $100,000
$4,999 - $2,500
$49,999 - $25,000
$499,999 - $250,000
$9,999 - $5,000
$99,999 - $50,000
Under $1,000

$50 – $99

Adam and Lauren Malatesta
Adam M. West
Adrian W. Licciardi
Adriana Crawford
Aiyana Trotter
Al and Carolyn Colini
Al L. Jones
Alan and Joyce Rudolph
Alan Rachins
Alan Shearman
Alan Ta
Alayne and Jeffrey Shapiro
Albert and Dolores Martucci
Alex R. Rodriguez
Alfred S. Newman
Alfredo Valdez
Alice Hirson
Alice Tinglof
Alicia Bell
Allen Page
Allison Branzuela
Allison Fullmer
Alycia Garcia
Amelia and Nicholas Collins
Amy Wolfram
An Le and Doron Azrialy
Anastassia Zabolotskaia
Andrew and Irene Robinson
Andrew H. Masset
Andrew Staggs
Ann H. Hustis
Ann Welles
Ann White Eide
Anna Kirakosian
Anna Sivak
Anne and Kevin Jacobsen
Anne Ozouwain Moumpala
Annie Marie Garraway, Ph.D.
Anthony Augi
Anthony M. Redman
Aquilera Adams
Argyro Massali
Arlene and Kirk Bloom
Arthur Cuyugan
Ashley Havelka
Ashley Smith
Aurora Cervantes
Banhi Sinclair
Barbara A. Williams
Barbara Brabec and Geoffrey Hansen
Barbara D. Maaske
Barbara J. McDaniel
Becky Sarazy
Belinda and Todd Larsen
Belinda P. Montgomery
Benjamin Daves
Beryl and Hal Shiffman
Beryl Bently Anderson
Beth Grant and Michael Chieffo
Betsy Pollock
Bill and Eve Gerber
Bill and Phyllis Elias
Bill Harrison
Bill Lee Brown
Bill Pierson
Billy Mumy
Bob and Jeanne Stephens
Bob and Ronda Harvey
Bob Dishy
Bobbie and Thomas Glassman
Boez Mevissen
Bonnie L. Nipar
Bonnie Matchinga and Jim McKenzie
Brandon Linville
Bret and Samantha Marnell
Brian Krause
Brian Liles
Bruce Carroll
Bryan Diperstein
Cameron Fay
Candy Mintz and David Caplan
Cara M. Fisher
Carleton G. Eastlake
Carlo Basail
Carlos Arriola
Carmine Caridi
Carol and Jack Provost
Carol and Ronald Cox
Carole and Fred Tator
Caroline Pintoff
Carolyn Bahr
Carolyn Smith
Cary Wonser
Caryl and Bob Marks
Casey Yasa
Cassandra S. Salapatas-Metz and Dennis Metz
Catherine Ann Bloch
Catherine Foley Clark
Cecile and Robert Wynn
Chanty and Luis La Grana
Chao-Ping Wu and Susan Ioka
Charles Haid
Charles I. Rothstein
Charlie and Laura McIntyre
Charlotte and Johnnie Gooch
Cheryl Beasley Blackwell and Greg Blackwell
Cheryl Jackson
Cheryl Yano
Chris Ruetz
Christi and Martin De Clercq
Christine and Wayne Morris
Christine Avila
Christine E. Haddad
Christine Torres
Christopher Angel
Christopher Cass
Christopher Moser
Christopher N. Howell
Cindy Kerber
Clara O. Vega
Claudia Alonzo
Claudia and Steven Cagan
Cliff Todd
Clint E. Jones
Colleen R. Dakins
Craig I. Asato
Craig K. McManus
Cyndee Stone
Cynthia and Cary Kelley
Cynthia Marangoni
Dan Mahoney
Dana Abel
Dana and Steven Goldberg
Dana Harrell
Daniel John Carey
Danielle King
Danny and Dolores Moore
Darby and Gary Manning
Darryl Johnson
David and Jennifer Lebowitz
David C. Romano
David Datz
David Frederick
David Kenny
David Lee Collier
David M. Darmour
David M. Nagai
David Remmele
David Rodriguez
David Trudell
David Vehec
David Waelder
Deborah C. Marland and David M. Backus
Deborah S. Del Hoyo
Debra and William McGuire
Debra F. Spidell
Debra Greico-Bergman
Debra L. Mancuso
DeeDee A. Rescher
Deena Goldstone and Martin L. Sweeney
Den Shewman
Dena Morean
Dency L. Nelson
Denise De Cunzo
Dennis Caggiano
Dennis E. Doty
Dennis Gronsky
Dennis S. Troy
Deppie Wieseneck
Diane and Aaron Aronson
Diane and David Bierman
Diane Berendes-Mandel and Fredric P. Mandel
Diane Burns
Dolores M. Pleviak
Don Fullilove
Donald and Gwen Moffat
Donald D. Cary
Donald Dwight Dowe
Donald Garcia
Donna and Peter Whyte
Dony West
Dorothy Caffarelli Estate
Dorothy H. Jewell
Dorothy Rosso
Doug W. Bolder
Douglas J. Fisher
Duane and Phyllis Kofoed
Dwayne O. Grady
Ed Castro
Ed J. Maloney
Edward A. Jandt
Edward H. Lucero
Edward R. Langdon, Jr.
Eileen M. Baker
Elisa Marsh
Ellen and Clarence Rodriguez
Emilio Borelli
Emily and Jerry Mayer
Emily Sullivan
Eric Lane
Erin Einstein
Errol and Jacqueline Bisquera
Ethel and Herman Levine
Eugene and Josephine Perret
Eva Jung
Eva Orozco
Evanne Schneider
Evelyn and H. Perry Cook
Evonne Moritz
Fanny Velle
Fay Lellios
Fern Field Brooks
Foongling Pauline Murray
France Noveck
Frances C. Utpadel
Francesca and Thomas Martinez
Francesca Bellini Desimone
Frank “Fuzzy” Fontes
Frank Bianco
Frank Rand Saperstein
Frank T. Smathers
Fred A. Rubin
Fred Liberman
Fred Schuler
Fred Walton
Gary and Debra Donatelli
Gary and Linda Oseransky
Gary and Pam Cruise
Gary J. Panansky
Gayane Kasmajian
Gaye M. Howard
Gayle and Buddy J. Hart
Gene Lebell
George and Ann Clifton Renschler
George H. Dabling
George P. Wilbur
George Turski and Diane Turnbull-Turski
Georgette Morrow
Gerald J. Solomon
Gerald Perdew
Geraldine Domenghini
Geraldine Pace
Gerri Siegel
Glen and Mindy Newhouse
Glenn Jordan
Glenna W. Weller
Glory and David De Camp
Gordon W. Latz
Grant Gochin
Gregory Wesley
Gretchen Louise Kirk
Guillermo Vaca Lopez
Guy Magar
Haley Morrow
Harris Yulin
Harry Baech
Hartley B. Silver
Harvey S. Laidman
Heather A. MacRae
Heather Longerbeam
Helaine Ross
Helen and Terry Ley
Helen D. La Varre
Henley Cox
Hilarie Hildebrandt
Hilary Whiting
Horacio Ilgrande
Howard and Eileen Rayfiel
Howard S. Wollman
Ian Kelly
Ilene Waterstone
Irene and P.E. Ramos
Irene Trachtenberg
Ivan Jay and Deborah A. Gottesfeld
Ivonne E. Espinel
Jack Heller
Jacob Henkoff
Jacqueline and Kenneth Watkins
Jaime Reyes
James A. McCarthy
James and Itsu Raymond
James Eastin
James Halkett
James Hong
James J. Keane
James R. Scribner
James Ross
Jamie Zagoria
Jan Marie Johnson
Jane J. Washburn
Jane L. Wortman
Jane Williams
Janet and Clete Cetrone
Jared D. Lapidus
Javier Herrera
Jay Kim
Jeanette O’Connor
Jeanne Sportelli
Jeannie Koenigsberg
Jeannie L. Epper
Jeff and Sylvia Kaufman
Jeff Freeman
Jefferson Wagner
Jeffrey and Gretchen Garrett
Jeffrey and Patricia Passanante
Jeffrey Cutler
Jeffrey S. Weiss
Jeffrey White
Jen Caruso and Rob DaGasta
Jennifer S. Parsons
Jennifer Zilliox Deras
Jenny M. Sendrey
Jerri Lauridsen and Joseph M. Alves
Jessica Kwon
Jill and Scott Herbertson
Jill De La Cerda
Jim and Birgit Drake
Jim and Mary Clark
Jim M. Arnett
Jo Ann Sawyer
Jo-Ellen Boon
Joan and Alan Marks
Jocelyn Cruz
Jodie Mann
Joe Pfifferling
Joe Quinlivan
Joel and Manette Bender
Joel Swetow
John and Annette O’Brien
John and Sally Shuster
John and Wini Hammond
John Carey
John D. Landis
John J. Connor
John Lasell
John Llewellyn Moxey
John Paul Fasal
John Vance
John W. Emmons
John W. Kristopik
Jon P. Joyce
Jonathan Fahn
Jose and Anna Hernandez
Josef A. Powell
Joselito Uy
Joseph Berger-Davis
Joseph Jaramillo
Joseph Kolias
Joseph Trebat, III
Joshua Austin
Joya McCrory
Joyce and Frederick Schneier
Joyce P. Alba
JR Majors
JS Gissel
Judi Dolan
Judith and Michael Belson
Judith Drake-Bilek
Judith M. Dufresne
Judy Claman-Fantasia and Mike Fantasia
Judy Herman
Judy Lamppu Scott
Juliana Otis
Julie Andrews
Julie Marleib
Julie Velandia
Julio Torres
June A. Caldwell
June Sanders Sattler
Justin Adams
Karen Vasquez
Karina I. Roy
Karla Melara
Kathe Swanson
Katherine Dow
Kathleen and Stephen Crawford
Kathleen Ross-Allee and John Allee
Kathleen Rozelle
Kathy and Ron Meredith
Katlin Vickers
Katrina Y. Love and Derek Rudack
Kay Foster and Raymond Xifo
Kelli Crawford
Ken Hanes
Kendrick Porter
Kenneth and Alice Washington
Kenneth Chung
Kenneth Reccelle
Kenneth Stringer and Carol Marlowe
Kent Gibson
Kevin Carter
Kevin Martinez
Kevin Tighe
Kim Crabb and Jack Guberman
Kimberle and Steve Wooten
Kimberly Farr and John Doolittle
Kirby Michael Furlong
Kirsten and Charles Heydt
Kristi Funakoshi
Kristina Atalaryan
Kurt Bradley
Lara Rosenstock
Larry O. Clarke
LaTisha Ayers
Laura and Andrew Wasser
Laura Capizzi Nelson and Dennis L. Nelson
Laura D. Berggren
Laura Ebersold
Laura Richarz
Laura Weisshar
Lauren B. Indovina
Lauren Orlowski
Laurence Caines
Laurie O’Brien
Lawrence V. Rehmann
Layth Carlson
Lea Marshall
Leanne Anell
Leatrice and Walter Reiher, Jr.
Leda Chang
Lee Haxall
Lenore G. Cantor
Leo Rossi and Lynn Eastman-Rossi
Leon Russom
Leonard Moskowitz
Les and Dona Fresholtz
Leslie and Kenneth Guerrero
Liliana Burchstead
Lilit Artsvelyan
Linda A. Karson
Linda A. Marcinkoski
Linda and Jim Greco
Linda and Ronald Shusett
Lindsey R. Adams
Lionel Portugal
Lisa and Jonas Matz
Lisa Blau
Lisa Freeman
Lizz and Grant Samuel
Lloyd Sachs
Lois E. Foraker
Lonna Weems
Lori D. Harris
Lori Stuckers
Louis J. Rogers, III
Louise and Ray Phelps
Lucas Gansmoe
Lucie Hostalek
Lucinda A. Foy
Lucine Anassian
Lynda Dorf
M. Cecile Myers
Mackenzie Kirk
Madeleine Nimoy
Malcolm Groome
Manuel Ruvalcaba-Vasquez
Marcie Alvarez
Marcy J. Goldman
Maree Cheatham
Margaret Barrett
Margaret H. Sargent
Margaret U. Farnum
Marguerite and Robert Kenner
Maria Rosario Rojas
Maria Suarez Rodriguez
Marilyn A. Bagley
Marilyn and Boris Zaks
Marilyn and John Wells
Marilyn Bernstein
Marilyn R. Chavez
Marina Karver
Marisa Foran
Mark and Linda Rosman
Mark Celentano and Susanna Moraldi-Celentano
Mark L. Matthew
Mark M. Danon
Mark Mikutowicz
Mark R. Montgomery
Mark Tragarz
Marsha Henderson
Martha Cronin and Glenn Lambert
Martin and Mary Samuel
Martin Friedrich
Mary Ann Arca
Mary Lou Belli and Charles Dougherty
Mary Louise Lawson
Mary R. Sansevero
Mary Verch
Mary Zuniga
Maryann and Steve Pelensky
Matt Danon
Matthew Barbato
Matthew Carlisle
Maureen and William Wynn
Maureen L. O’Connell
Mauro Spina and Snaiguole Venciene
Maxine Parker
Maxwell Taylor
May Routh
Mel Frohman
Melinda Johnson
Melissa Gomez
Melissa Mac Kay
Melissa Morgan
Melissa Patack Berenbaum and Michael G. Berenbaum
Michael A. Hancock
Michael Burdick
Michael Constantine
Michael D. Bonnaud
Michael D. Jones
Michael Fitzgerald
Michael J. O’Kelly
Michael J. Seeman
Michael Norris
Michael P. Casey
Michael S. Glick
Michael Trifman and Orly Kroh-Trifman
Michael Weir
Michael Williams
Michele A. Shows-Martinez
Michele and Kieran Mulroney
Michele Rumain
Michelle D. Fandetti
Michelle Villalpando
Mignon Calvo
Mike McDuffee
Milton Lewis Kogan
Miriam Colon
Mitra Behnezhad
Mohammad Motlagh
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. McCleery
Murphy and Kristine Dunne
Myra L. MacKay
Nancy and Kent Beyda
Nancy Bell-Redmond and Lee Redmond
Nancy M. McArdle
Nancy M. Pearlberg
Natalie and Franklin Cofod
Natalie Bouchard
Natalie Dix
Natasha M. Arnoldi
Neil E. Smith
Nelly and Jose Castro
Nelson D. and Mary H. Mathias
New Roads Foundation
Nicholas Pryor
Nicole Ruby
Nidia Azurdia Morton
Nikki Jee
Noah and Maureen Pollack
Noel D. Leonard
Noemi and Francisco Murillo
Nury and Jose Perez
Orson Rheinfurth, Jr.
Pamela and Geno Silva
Pamela F. Cherney
Pamela Hartley
Pamela Roylance
Patricia C. Daum
Patrick and Christine Kehoe
Paul Mangione
Paul Willson
Peter Dunne
Peter Looney
Peter Renoudet
Philip and Elizabeth Sloan
Phuong Tan
Phyllis Corcoran-Woods and Ron Woods
Rachel L. Reiff
Ralph Phillips
Randi Israelow
Rayleen S. Martel
Rebecca and Aaron Epstein
Rebecca Johnson
Renee C. Drager
Rex J. Vincent
Richard and Alta Torrez
Richard and Bianca Denson
Richard and Claudia Ryan
Richard and Sandra Hedges
Richard Gold
Richard J. Dungan
Richard J. Ziker
Richard Lamotte
Richard Mitchell
Rick and Joyce Moore
Rick Nichol
Rick Scarry
Ricki R. Fournier
Rikki and Charles Green
Rob and Betsy Newell
Robert and Ann Stevens
Robert and Diana Eisele
Robert and Irene Cermak
Robert C. Haynes
Robert D’Arcy
Robert Forer
Robert J. Colleary
Robert J. Leitelt
Robert M. Priest
Robert Michael Gould
Romuald Czaplicki
Ron and Trudi Hicklin
Ron Weyand
Ronald G. Brown
Ronald T. Ming
Rory J. O’Malley
Rosalind J. Baker
Rosemary and Michael Tobin
Ross Klein
Ruben D. Padilla
Russell Harnden, III
Rusty Fox
Ruth Silveira
Ryan Whan
Saffronia Threatt
Sal Viscuso
Sally and William Brodeur
Sally Kirkland
Samorn Kaiwsai
Sandra and Edward Martin
Sandra Finkel
Sandra Gallegos
Sandra M. Frank
Sandra M. Quinn
Sandra Zagala
Sandy Sfeir
Sandy Stewart
Sangita Thakur
Sara and Ramin Medifar
Sara and Stanley Sellers, Jr.
Sara Ballantine
Sara Ramirez
Sari Gennis
Scott and Mila Ostrowsky
Scott C. Williams
Seth L. Mellman
Seth Zachary
Sevana Mirzaian
Sharon and Patrick Whalen
Sharon Bordas and Damon Hill
Sharon McLafferty
Sharon R. Ellenbogen
Shawn Patrick Lane
Shawn Pipkin-West
Sheila A. Shaw and Robert M. Young
Shelley and James Cafferty, Jr.
Sherry Holman
Shirlee M. Moore
Shirley and Jerry Pirozzi
Shirley Henry
Shirley M. Heidersbach
Shirley M. Jones Ingels
Silva Atalaryan
Siriphorn and David McMoyler
Sonia Keshishyan
Sonya Loi
Sophie Lapluie
Sreenath Peram
Stan and Connie Miller
Stanley G. Clay
Stephanie Simon
Stephenie Blakemore
Steve Brewer
Steve R. Dichter
Steven and Elizabeth Aredas
Steven and Shawna Anderson
Steven D. Chambers
Stuart Margolin
Susan and Alan Raphael
Susan and Barry Glazer
Susan and Donald Gold
Susan Armbruster and Warren Adler
Susan Blakely and Stephen S. Jaffe
Susan D. Stevens Logan
Susan J. Haller and Bruce Perlman
Susan M. Becton
Susan R. Ellis
Susan Silo
Suzette and James Garrett
Taji Coleman
Tammy and Michael James
Tammy L. Yazgulian
Tanya and Norman Lang
Tara and Dallas Hitchcock
Tawna Boucher
Ted and Carla Hatfield
Ted M. Grossman
Ted M. Yamashita
Ted Mayorga
Terri L. McCoy
Terrie and Dennis Parker
Terry and Jim Fox
Terry and Kathleen Winet
The Begley Family Foundation
The Shousha Family
Thira and Jintana Sresthaphunlarp
Thomas A. Agna
Thomas and Laura Joyner
Thomas E. Houghton
Thomas Lee Lupo
Thomas Perez, Jr.
Thomas S. Parker
Tierre Turner
Tim M. Grant
Timothy Arnold
Timothy Greene
Tina Nides
Tobin McLane
Tom Mayer
Tom Schanley
Tom Thompson
Tommy Carroll
Toni Crevo
Tony and Melia Sain
Traci A. Spadorcia
Trudy Davies
Val and Bonnie Bisoglio
Vanessa P. Holtgrewe
Vaune Kirby
Verla and Wayne Randall
Veronica Alvarez
Veronica Lomeli
Veronica Zenon
Victor Reyes
Victor Stein
Vince Duvall
Virginia I. Olah
Vivian Mayer
Viviane D. Normand
Walt and Lucy Krakowiecki
Walter and Pamela Gilmore
Walter Cahill
Wayne Marien
Wendy Meister
Wendy Spergel Garfinkel and Asher Garfinkel
William and Kaie Scharf
William and Roxanne Gerardo
William J. Smith
William Jensen
William P. Magee
William V. Baltzer
Winship Cook
Wissom Kabbara
Yves Bonet
Yvonne M. Elliman-Alexander

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Lillian Michelson: Hollywood’s Librarian

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Tiffany Lawrence – Openness Matters

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