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Annual Donors

MPTF’s annual donors are following in the time honored tradition of taking care of our own. What started in 1921 when Mary Pickford set out a simple coin box in a Hollywood Boulevard storefront has grown into an organization with far reaching impact. MPTF depends on the annual support of our donors to provide vital programs and services to members of the entertainment industry.

Thank you to our annual donors for their support at any giving level.

Annual Donors Honor Roll

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Annual Fund
Annual Fund $100 - $249
Annual Fund $25 - $49
Annual Fund $250 - $499
Annual Fund $5 - $24
Annual Fund $50 - $99
Circle of Friends
COF Chairman's $10,000
COF Founders $25,000+
COF Friends $500 - $999
COF Leadership $5000
COF Presidents $2500
COF Residents $1k - $2499
Corporate & Foundation
$2,499 - $1,000
$24,999 - $10,000
$249,000 - $100,000
$4,999 - $2,500
$49,999 - $25,000
$499,999 - $250,000
$9,999 - $5,000
$99,999 - $50,000
Under $1,000

$100 – $249

A. Ross McCanse
A.J. Jebb
Aaron Dem
Aaron Hoover
Abdullah Hall
Abiel B. Bruhn
Abraham and Ellie Shaya
Adam LaGattuta
Adrian Jackson
Adrienne and Guy Zampini
Agnieszka Szymanska
Ahny Sevier
Alan and Barbara Seplow
Alan Heim
Alan L. Bond
Alan M. Rowe
Alan Shefland
Alan Weidlich
Albert Wolsky
Alex and Sheila Algarin
Alex Choi
Alex Cord
Alex Downs
Alexandra Neri
Alexandria Levitt
Alfred Gabrielli
Allan and Robin von Halle
Allan G. Proksel
Allan Heinberg
Allen Burry
Allen Reid
Allison Stroot
Alverna J. Kelly
Amy Jones Chapman
Amy Krell
Amy L. Goetz
Amy Ronis
Amy S. Pocha
Andrea M. Folprecht
Andrew and Candace Gallerani
Andrew L. Frank
Andy Howard
Anel Bimbela
Ann Blyth McNulty
Ann Y. Martinelli
Anna Guanche
Anne and James J. Ondrejko
Anthony J. Di Panni
Anthony P. Schneider
Ardythe Goergens Moriana
Arlene and Frank Balkin
Arne L. Schmidt
Arne Shulstad
Arnold M. Shane
Art and Barb Pahr
Arthur Eisenson
Arthur R. Botham
Aurora M. Sanchez
Avram and Christina Gold
Barbara A. Markus Caffrey and Kevin T. Caffrey
Barbara and Alex Steinberg
Barbara and Dennis Brown
Barbara Ann Donatelli
Barbara Belcher
Barbara Berman
Barbara Cimity
Barbara D. Calloway
Barbara J. Zipperman
Barbara Jo Townsend
Barbara M. Rubin
Barbara Van Sluyters
Barry and Stephanie Malkin
Beau and Cecelia Billingslea
Beth Roberts and Warren Smith
Bethany Grabiec
Betsy Heimann
Bette and Mel Goldsmith
Betty Abbott Griffin
Betty and Robert Brickner
Betty and Robert Gips
Betty Jane and John Nicolaides
Betty P. Madden
Beverly and Jeffrey Markwith
Beverly Magid
Bill and Leslie Waldman
Bill Brier
Bill Reinert
Billy Finnegan
Bob and Roxanne Camron
Bobbi C. Jordan Jacobson
Bobby Barbosa
Bobby Lory
Bonnie Adamick
Bonnie Bogin
Bonnie L. Thompson
Boyd W. Flinders, II, MD
Branch M. Brunson
Brandon Knott
Brenda Ciccone
Brenda Strong
Brett Hoxie
Brett J. Markel
Brian and Julie Stevenson
Brian Dougherty
Bruce A. Wilding
Bruce and Leah Kalish
Bruce and Mary Ann Boullie
Bruce Cohen
Bruce N. Winant
Bryce Dallas Howard
Byron A. McGee
Byron Carter
Calista and Ronald Tonelli & Robert and Judy Weiss
Candace and Ricardo Lira
Candi and Gabi Milo
Candice Taieb
Caren R. Nielsen
Carl and Christina Di Stefano
Carl Maultsby
Carmen and Bryan Davis
Carol A. O’Connell and James Lee McCoy
Carol and Irwin Cutler
Carol Bell Mankiewicz
Carol Flint and Stephen E. Jones
Carol M. Oleson
Carol Ramsey and Douglas Miller
Carole and Lee Stepp
Carole and Robert Bailey
Carole Jane Grant
Carolyn and Curt Geda
Carolyn and John Poer
Carolyn Shelby and Christopher Ames
Carrie and Mark Cohen
Carrie Specht
Catherine and William Pancake
Catherine J. Chitwood
Catherine M. Cummings-Fumi
Catherine Melody
Catherine Paura and Joseph Farrell
Catherine Schlesinger and David Gaines
Cathleen A. Summers and Patrick Crowley
Cathy Blanco
Cathy S. Gunter
Cayla and Josh Schneider
Charan Singh
Charles Emmett
Charles V. Mason
Charlie Dell and Jennifer Williams
Chen Yang
Chris and Kim Beresford
Chris McKay and Samantha Nisenboim
Chris Redondo
Chris Schueler
Chrissy Abbott-Orloff
Christian Heath Bastin
Christie and Bryan Bishop
Christina Derenthal
Christina M. Chen
Christina Repola
Christine A. Culler
Christine and Frank Mele
Christine Lobato
Christopher Connolly
Christopher Cormack
Chuck Workman
Cindy Costello
Cindy Furukawa
Clarence and Arlene Price
Colin D. Irwin
Colin Hamilton
Colleen Glynn
Colleen Meland
Collin and Kirstin Davis
Cory Carroll
Cory Murillo
Courteney Bailey
Craig A. Spriggs
Craig Beatty
Craig Rittenbaum
Craig S. Rogers
Curtis Rosen
Cyndi Reece-Thorne
Cynnie Troup
Cynthia E. Lejeune
Dale R. Myrand
Damien R. Stafford
Dan Genetti
Dana Jackson
Daniel A. Lomino
Daniel B. Butler
Daniel Harris Wilcox
Daniel McCoy
Daniel R. Adams
Daniel Rosenberg
Danielle Roque
Danny Vincent
Darlene M. Salas
David A. Whittaker
David and Anita Feherty
David and Cay Pelayo
David and Debora Cazares
David and Marianne Plenn
David and Merlin Allen
David and Susan Gersh
David and Tricia Camp
David B. Long
David B. Sontag
David Calloway and Wendy Milner Calloway
David Dion
David Garber
David Gola
David Goolsby
David Mamet
David Nesser
David Reid
David S. McCarthy
David S. Ward
Dawnise C. Durazo
De’ and Mark Lanza
Dea Jensen
Deanna Wallace
Debbie McLeod
Deborah and William Clark
Deborah D. Bois
Deborah Dierinzo Donnelly
Debra J. Fisher
Debra V. Greenwood
Dennis and Jane Nefeldt
Dennis Blocker
Derek L. Thompson
Deryn and Robert Hull
Diana F. Feinberg
Diana Y. Byrne
Dianne M. Ryder-Rennolds and Philip R. Rennolds
Dinah Lehoven and John Fairchild
Doane and Heather Perry
Don Uglesich
Donald and Peggy Petrie
Donald Daniel
Donna Kanter
Doreen Lehrhoff
Doreen R. Braverman
Doris A. Hess
Doris and Alejandro Abeyta
Doris Hellmann
Dorothy C. Lake
Dorothy Collins
Dorothy G. Lange
Doug Ibold
Doug J. Passarelli
Douglas and Linda Ulm
Douglas and Valerie Wood
Douglas Mark Keenan
Douglas Torres
Douglas Turold
Dulce R. Negrete
Dulcie E. Smith
Duncan A. Sinclair
E. Scott Mayhugh
Ebony Moore
Ed and Mimi Brown
Eddie Guerrero
Edward B. Gradinger
Edward J. Grady
Edward Piwowarski
Elaine and David Phinney
Elaine and Steven Hirohama
Elissa H. Guest and Nicholas C. Smith
Elizabeth A. Maffei
Elizabeth B. Breithaupt
Elizabeth Haggar
Elizabeth Lynch
Ellen and Curtis Randoll
Ellen and Mark Sanford
Ellen Brown
Ellen Crawford and Mike Genovese
Emily E. Kolasinski
Emmanuelle Chriqui
Eric A. Mansker
Eric Kaldor
Erica and Alex Theurer
Erin Carey
Erin Hennessey
Erin Jordan
Esther Schoenfeld
Eugene Encinias
Evan P. Slack
Fabrice Colin
Farida and Daniel May
Farrel Levy and Craig Tung
Faye and Jon G. Belyeu
Fernando Moreno
Fernanndo Silva
Florence and Peter Therrien
Frank and Maureen Escobedo
Frank E. Fassnacht
Frank M. Schuller
Franklin Kase
Frederick Lucking, Jr.
Gabriela Gutentag
Gail C. Currey
Garner Simmons
Gary and Hiroko Meyer
Gary and Vera Bierend
Gary Hymes
Gary J. Richmond
Gary Lewis
Gary S. Kleinman
Gayl Kelm
Gene Hartline
Gentry and Marjorie Lovett
George John Fortmuller
George Lakes
George Scott Ball
Georgia Zemba
Georginne and Steve Jefferies
Gerald and Pamela Offsay
Geri and Peter Rotter
Geri Magrum
Gideon Lockspeiser
Gilbert Loe and Karen Florey
Gina N. Blumenfeld
Gini Zelenak
Glen A. Claybrook
Glenn Scott Wilder
Glenn Stouffer
Gloria and John Camera
Gloria and Thomas Calzia
Graham Dent and Terri Moon
Greg and Cheryl Blackwell
Greg and Joanne Taylor
Greg Etheredge
Gricelda and Wilfredo Queyquep
Gulli A. Deemer
Gunnar and Kirsten Ferdinandsen
Guy Edwards
Harker Wade
Harriet Von Stroheim
Harrison E. Page
Heather Forziati
Helen Adair
Helen Bagdasaryan
Helen L. Colvig
Helene and Bruce Hanson
Henri Bollinger Estate
Hitesh Vibhakar
Hope Levy
Howard and Carol Jensen
Howard Storm and Patricia Ridgely
Hung Nguyen
Hunter Lowry
Ian Bratslavsky
Ian Grundy Scheibel
Inez Beltran
Ira and Dayna Diamond
Irene Roseen
Irreal Ocampo
J. Miller Tobin
J.H. and Jane Durant-Jones
Jaci Rohr
Jack and Janne Kindberg
Jack and Marileen Wadsworth
Jack Carlson
Jacob Moses
Jacqueline and Verl Cole
Jacqueline K. SaintAnne
Jacqueline M. Diskin
Jacquelyn and Willie Carpenter
Jahi Farris
Jaime O’Neil
James A. Preston
James and Mary Jansen
James Bagdonas
James C. Mulholland
James K. Thompson
James Morioka
James R. Barrows
Jan DeWitt
Jane and Ernie Malik
Janell and RJ Pomeroy
Janet and James Ellis
Janet and Jeffrey Loeb
Janet and Karl Metzenberg
Janet Rohde
Janice L. New
Janice Papadaki
Janine and John Colich
Jason Stuart
Jay S. Levy
Jean P. Winton
Jean-Charles Galiana
Jeaneth and Aaron Goffman
Jeanie Bradley and Jimmy Aleck
Jeanne Elfant Festa and Rick Festa
Jeanne G. Bertsch
Jeff Arnett
Jeffrey and Jessica Miller
Jeffrey and Patricia Norvet
Jeffrey and Susan Bleckner
Jeffrey D. Heimer
Jeffrey E. Sakson
Jeffrey Reider
Jene Alvarado
Jennifer E. Clymer
Jennifer Fuglevand Campbell
Jennifer M. Bell
Jennifer M. Murphy
Jennifer Palombo
Jeremy and Nicole Elice
Jeremy Miller
Jeris Lee Poindexter
Jerry R. Angelini
Jess Guy Anscott, Sr.
Jessica and Scott Collins
Jessica Caughey
Jessica R. Lawson
Jill M. Stein
Jim Daly
Jim Plannette
Jimmy J. Louis
Jing Cao and Christopher David Stauffer
Joan D. Hanson
JoAnn Laub
Joanna Barnes
Joanne D’Antonio and Robert J. Kizer
Joe and Dottie Botana
Joe DiVitale
Joe G. Mc Closkey
John A. Liberti
John and Sally Shuster
John and Susan Samson
John David MacDonald and Sandra Hobson
John Donovan
John E. Bauman
John E. Larkin
John Farmanesh-Bocca
John Gray
John M. Asher
John P. Cataldi
John P. Sgueglia
John Randolph
John Sampogna
John Wiesenthal
Jon F. Davison
Jon Nicholson
Jon P. Velasquez
Jonathon and Genara Banks
Josalynn Jennings
Josee Normand
Joseph A. Celeste
Joseph A. Gunn
Joseph E. Bates
Joseph Saladino
Joseph Sciuto
Joseph Sicari
Josh and Ida Gad
Josh D. Meyers
Joshua Gur-Arie
Joshua Smith
Joyce Baron and Joe Panella
Joyce E. Chapman
Juana M. Morales
Judi Brown
Judith and Delane Lytle
Jules and Doris Melillo
Julie Bratspis
Julie D. Pitkanen
Julie Plec
Julio A. Sican
June Hughes
June M. Baldwin
Kae A. Connors
Karen A. McLaughlin and Mark I. Schubin
Karen and Barry Caraco
Karen and Daniel Zuccolillo
Karen Gorodetzky and Joe Genier
Karen Le Blanc
Karla and Gwil Richards
Karrieann H. Sillay
Karyn K. Jag
Katherine Carter
Katherine Kamei
Kathleen A. Shelton
Kathleen and Stephen Unger
Kathleen Turner
Kathryn Claypool
Kathryn R. Sain
Kathy Blakeman
Kathy Coulter
Kathy Russo and Bob Iannaccone
KC Fox
Keith Bremer
Keith Roverud
Kenneth H. Wensevic
Kenneth J. Silverstein
Kenneth Lloyd
Kerry Valentine
Kevin and Joanna Connor
Kevin Chalk
Kevin E. Miller
Kevin Lee Egeland
Kevin M. Richardson
Kim and Daniel Hanley
Kimberly A. Pinkstaff
Kimberly A. Richey and Michael Richey White
Kimberly Allen
Kimberly and Frank Mejerski
Kinta and Daniel Haller
Kirk Essiambre
Kristen Hoffman
Kunio and Yuko Shimamura
Kyle A. Griffin
Larry and Dorothy Karman
Larry Y. Albucher
Laura D. Fagin
Lauren and Robert Windom
Laurence Flynn
Lauri Creach Jennings
Laurie Arnow Epstein and Samuel Epstein
Laurie Flamholtz
Lawrence Ferritto
Lea Stalmaster and Terrell Clark Morse
Leah Creed
Leah Laiman and Ralph Toporoff
Leda M. Figueroa
Lee and Deirde Grant
Lee W. Weaver
Lefkothea Horner
Lenore and Steve Scheffer
Leon and Gloria Harris
Leonard and Phyllis Chassman
Leonia Robles-Rodriguez
Leslie Morris
Leticia and Bill Ritter
Leticia and Jose Cervantes
Libby and Herb Pedersen
Lily B. Ladewig and Evan C. Strang
Lincoln V. Forbes
Linda and Barry Berg
Linda and Charles Page
Linda and Dennis Fox
Linda and Jay Sandrich
Linda and Jean Montanti
Linda and Steven Healy
Linda C. Folk
Linda Hope
Lindsay and Darleen Rogers
Lisa Buch
Lisa Fischer
Lisa H. Kaye
Lisa Harp
Lisa I. Ladaw
Lisa Kastner
Lisa Schway
Lisa Zeno Churgin and Arthur B. Zeno
Lisabeth Hush
Lois J. Cox
Lonnie Lloyd
Lorena and Glenn Harman
Lori Kleban-Billeci and Bob Billeci
Louis and Judy Race
Louis Lam
Louise and C.B. Harding
Lucia and Javier Gonzalez
Lyn Heller
Lynda Ellenshaw Thompson
Lynn and Tony Santoro
Lynn Raines-Levy
Lynn Roth
Lynne M. Whitlock
Lynzee Klingman
MacKenzie Austin Kalish
Mae Woods
Manuel Seyssel
Marcel A. Giacusa
Marcia A. Reed
Marcia and Don Dougherty
Margaret A. Uitz
Margaret McLaughlin
Maria Alonzo
Maria and Angel Fernandez
Maria De Lourdes Raiano and Franco Raiano
Maria G. Castellon
Maria Jocelyn Estrada
Marian L. Krull
Mariclare Costello
Marie Hall
Mariette Hartley and Jerry Sroka
Marilyn Joslyn
Marilyn Stefano
Marina Makri Klapsis and Michael Klapsis
Mario Celestino
Marion and Arthur Ottinger
Marion and Michael Westmore
Marissa Arciero
Marjorie E. Wilder
Mark A. Brainard
Mark A. Monette
Mark B. Johnson
Mark Ivanir
Mark Johnstone
Mark R. Lilienthal and Karen Holley
Mark Wilson
Marlene D. Fuentes
Martha Ann Lathrop Estate
Martin Stempel
Marvin and Linda Davis
Mary Ann and Brian Rea
Mary E. Sunshine
Mary Elizabeth Still
Mary Jane Ferguson
Mary Jo Catlett
Mary Michlovich
Mary Peters Scannell and R. Stewart Scannell
Mary W. Roosevelt
Mary-Jo Braun
Matthew Acquarelli
Meg Huntington Cajero
Meg Liberman
Melinda S. Gordon
Merlene L. Williams
Merritt D. Mullen
Michael A. Panameno
Michael and Katherine Lucas
Michael and Paula Panchenko
Michael and Roseann Meinardus
Michael B. Laurence
Michael D. Poryes
Michael Deats
Michael Drennan
Michael E. Gips
Michael Grizzi
Michael H. Kulisch
Michael Mitrovic
Michael P. Barry
Michael P. Orefice
Michael R. Morris
Michael Roberts
Michael Shorthouse
Michael V. Tadross
Michael Waxman
Michael Winters
Michele L. Gates
Michelle Friedman
Michelle I. Fellner
Mickie Gilbert
Miguel Espino
Mike and Kathleen Mertens
Mike Chambers
Mike G. Moyer
Mike Hagerty
Milt and Julie Stumpus
Minerva Lem
Minli Li and Yingan Wang
Moira Pittman
Molly K. Flynn and Jeffrey Yorkes
Molly Lesyk
Monica Haboush
Monica Ramos
Monique A. Nagy
Ms. Bonnie L. Osborne
Mynda Rayos del Sol
Nanci Etchells
Nancy and Charles Arrigo
Nancy and Douglas Liedblad
Nancy and Patrick Gomes
Nancy Barba and Dylan Gottlieb
Nancy E. Cohen and Dean L. Fredgant
Nancy Fuerth
Nancy Hankins
Nancy Pope
Nanette Martinez
Nedun Cheralathan
Neyda and Javier Flores
Nicholas Alan Seldon
Nick St. Angelo
Nicole and Chris Kovalski
Nicole Beaudoin
Nicole Runkle
Nora Johnson
Norman Lloyd
Norman Page
Odile B. Swift
Ohara and Morgan Fottrell
Orven Schanzer
Ovette Slaughter-Bormann
Ovidio Julian
Pablo B. Nantas
Pam Leonte
Pamela and Richard Ellington
Pamela and Richard McGee
Pamela Bowen-Stanley
Pamela Grier
Pamela R. Veasey
Patrice and Mike Berlin
Patricia A. Van Cleve Lake
Patrick D. Oneil
Patrick W. Proft
Patty Sciuto
Paul and Philippa Rubell
Paula Spence and Daniel Cleland
Pauline and Anthony Fox
Peggy and James Zemansky
Perry Paul
Peter and S. Lani McNulty
Peter Iovino
Peter White
Philip and Laurie Tignino
Philip G. Proctor
Phillip F. Bills
Phyllis A. Morales
Phyllis and James Quinn
Phyllis Nagy
R.T. and E.C. Lloyd
Rachel Tiep-Daniels
Rajasekhar Menta
Ralph A. Mikkelsen
Ralph H. Osborn, III
Randall and Kathleen Krasomil
Randall Baumberger
Randle Akerson
Randy Karman
Ray and Linda Sundlin
Raymond J. Guth
Raynold and Karin Gideon
Rebecca L. Huntley
Rebecca Mall
Rebecca Smith
Reid R. Rimensberger
Renee Chairese Gentry
Rhona Gordon
Rhonda Tanaka
Richard and Diane Overton
Richard and Sally Girod
Richard Dwyer
Richard H. Prince
Richard J. Chirco
Richard Manning
Richard Michaels
Richard S. Luckey
Richard T. Nash
Richard Waite
Richard Wicklund
Ricky Frazier
Rob and Pamela Steckel
Robert A. Hatch
Robert Alan Foulkes
Robert and Dolores Knox
Robert and Elaine Susswein
Robert and Lucy Ito
Robert and Melinda Winet
Robert and Mylles Sinise
Robert and Rayola Calvert
Robert and Rita Werden
Robert and Sheila Goodwin
Robert B. McLachlan
Robert D. Jensen
Robert D. Story
Robert Goodrich
Robert J. Kaplowitz
Robert J. Mills
Robert Markowitz and Christine Berardo
Robert R. D’Alessandro
Robert R. Romero
Robert S. Pierce
Robert Stadd
Robert W. Goldsby
Robin and Leonard Garner, Jr.
Rochelle Mitrani
Rochelle Romanelli
Rod Phillips
Roderick and Lisa Davis
Roger and Ann Verme
Roger Dudley
Roger Lattin
Roger Robinson Estate
Romana Langsbard
Ron and Judy England
Ron Bostwick
Ron Fedele
Ronald A. Christensen
Ronald Q. Boullie
Ronald R. Cooper
Ronelle A. Vallejo
Rosana Wallace
Rosaria and Francesco Bartolotti
Rosemary Cuevas
Rosie Calderon
Roslyn and Robert Feller
Roxie W. Evans
Roy Condon
Roz and Peter Bonerz
Rozita Tolouey
Rudolf Orawa
Russell and Bonnie Tamblyn
Russi O”Meara
Ruth Satchell
Salvador del Viento
Salvatore Carrubba
Samantha Gurton
Samuel J. Jones
Sandra and Robert Sallin
Sandra Hipshman
Sandra J. England
Sandra L. Ryan
Sandra Piller
Sandy and Del Hood
Sandy Bollinger
Sanford Hampton
Sarah and Gary Eggleston
Sarah Broshar
Sareb Kaufman
Sarkis and Ani Manoukian
Saul R. Saladow
Scott and Sheryl Sackett
Scott Cogdill
Scott Grossman
Scott Martin
Scott McKnight
Sean Eckols
Shannon Brown and Mark Weingartner
Shantal Thomas
Sharon and Steven Sitomer
Sharon J. Altman
Sharon Smith
Sharon Smith Holley
Sharron Berk
Shawn Howell
Sheila Dubin
Sheldon and Andy Kahn
Shelley Skovron
Sheree and Gus Fauci
Sheree Wilson
Sherri A. Jeakle
Sherrye Gibbs
Sheryl Johnson
Shirley A. Cohen
Shirley Scott
Simone Gaines
Sivorn Price
Skip Schoolnik
Sonia Aslanian
Spooky Stevens
Stacey Hoppe
Stacie Rowat
Stan and Lisa Fink
Steffan Falesitch
Steffanie and Steven Mellon
Stephanie and Eugene Wen
Stephanie Love
Stephanie Schoelzel
Stephen Bradbury
Stephen D. Linett
Stephen Garrett
Stephen James
Stephen L. Karpf, Ph. D.
Stephen L. Meek and Catherine L. Hrenda
Steve and Dodie Maggio
Steve and Kathy Kloves
Steve Bonner
Steve De Jarnatt
Steve Rudnick
Steven and Lori Edwards
Steven E. Gordon
Steven Hartley
Steven Lueck
Steven M. Gagnon
Steven Marchand
Steven P. Smith
Steven Robman
Steven T. Hoelke
Steven T. Pritchett
Stevie Nelson
Stewart and Laurie Lyons
Stuart and Charlotte Miller
Stuart M. Abramson
Susan and Alfred Budniak
Susan and John McQueen
Susan and Luis Rangel
Susan D. Schuler
Susan Damante
Susan Griffith
Susan J. Hayes
Susan M. Claassen
Susan San
Suzanne and Gary Wostak
Suzanne Patricia Cote
Suzanne R. Hackett
Suzanne Rausch
Suzanne Stanford
Suzanne Zumbrunnen
Tabatha Ann and Paul M. Maletich
Tahira Martemucci
Tamar Teifeld
Tara and Dallas Hitchcock
Tavis Franklin
TC Tran
Ted Garcia
Teri and David D’Ovidio
Teri Noble
Terrence and Lois Brown
Terri and Joe Connolly
Terry D. White
Terry Karger Wasdyke
The Benson Family
The Fiorito and Hetrick Families
The French Family
Thelma Schoonmaker
Thomas L. Velde
Thomas M. Udell
Tiffney Powell
Timothy and Leslie Wawrzeniak
Timothy Andre
Timothy Stack
Tina Luthart
Todd Slawsby
Tony Peyrot
Tracy Wayne Hall
Ty Harman
Uday Mathur
Udayakumar Thoota
Ursula Schenk
Vanessa Mendoza
Vera Frolov
Vernette K. Griffee
Veronica A. Cartwright
Veronica Villa
Vi Emanuel
Victor Picena
Victoria Colombetti
Victoria Lahaie
Vilma L. Dinham
Vincent M. Mc Eveety
Vivian Lindsay
Wallace D. Crowder
Walter Craig Binkley
Wendy Neckels
William and Marie Madden
William Bowling
William C. Haas, Jr.
William D. Wynn
William Davies
William J. Gregory
William Orcutt
Wink Mann
Winnie Burns
Xhana Namkung
Yolanda and Jack Shelp
Yvonne M. Nasser
Yvonne Ramond and Ken Junod
Zachary Pasquarelli

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Lillian Michelson: Hollywood’s Librarian

Lillian Michelson has helped guide some of the brightest filmmakers through her work as a hollywood archivist and librarian. She's a certifiable behind-the-scenes legend and calls MPTF home. Watch Lillian's story, performed by Alessandro Nivola (Face/Off, American...

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Tony Goldwyn on the Samuel Goldwyn Children’s Center

Tony Goldwyn on the Samuel Goldwyn Children’s Center

The Samuel Goldwyn Children's Center embraces the busy work schedules of entertainment industry professionals and serves as a reminder of the long legacy of Goldwyns supporting MPTF and its mission. Watch the children's center story, performed by Samuel Goldwyn's...

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Tiffany Lawrence – Openness Matters

Tiffany Lawrence – Openness Matters

By Eric Lichtenfeld Many of the people you’ll find in Hollywood or on our campus began their careers with a dream, but MPTF’s Tiffany Lawrence has one that’s a little different: to be a probation officer. However, after working in the juvenile justice system for three...

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