Dear Entertainment Community,

Today we face a mighty challenge. For the last 100 years, MPTF has worked to help individuals in our great industry weather the storms of life. We have been the entertainment industry’s safety net. But the impact of COVID-19 on our community is unlike anything we’ve previously encountered. With production shut down and layoffs mounting, we need urgent and bold action to support our work family. If you are someone in urgent need, we encourage you to reach out.

1. SERVE: Our intake line (323 634 3888) is open as we address wide and varied requests from both working and retired members of the entertainment community. If you or an industry friend need our help, please give us a chance to listen to your story and determine how and where we can make life better for you.

2. SAFEGUARD: Our safety protocols begin with a physical check of every single person entering campus daily. We are also assisting caregivers with transportation and childcare so that they can continue to look after our vulnerable residents on campus and keep them engaged.

3. CONNECT: Complying with CDC’s directives to shelter in place is imperative, but it will also amplify the already pervasive global phenomenon of social isolation. Daily Call Sheet is our social connection program providing a loving telephone call of support to those who need to hear a friendly voice. The proven emotional and physical benefits of this program are well documented. Our on-campus TV station, Channel 22, is also accepting video recordings with messages of positivity for our isolated industry members, both on and off campus.

The need is more urgent than ever. Please take a moment to join our mailing list online for notifi cations. We

will announce more singular efforts to help our community as the needs evolve. If donating is an option for you, now is the time! Our COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund is a secure way to help achieve 100% participation from our entertainment community, in whatever amount you are able.

Thank you for your loyal and generous support. Stay well. And never underestimate the power of caring.

A Letter From The CEO

A Letter From The CEO

WE ALL PLAY OUR PART. Update from Bob Beitcher, MPTF President and CEO (June 5, 2020): For nearly 100 years, our mission at MPTF has been guided by a simple but profound purpose: To take care of our own. This is our daily work: Providing care and compassion to make...