A Dog Day Afternoon

It’s common knowledge that spending time in the outdoors with man’s best friend is good for anyone’s well-being, and thanks to a generous gift from the Segal family and the hard work of over 70 volunteers, residents on The Wasserman Campus have a dog park to enjoy with their faithful companions.

Anyone visiting the campus on Saturday, March 8, 2014 might have noticed a sea of blue congregated in the parking lot of the Saban Center for Health and Wellness. That’s the spot where MPTF volunteers met in the early-morning hours, all proudly announcing “I’m MPTF” across the front of their blue shirts.

Their mission: transform the recently-tilled land adjacent to the Fran and Ray Stark Villa into the new Segal Family Dog Park for residents’ dogs to play off leash. While some pieces of the park were already in place, the volunteers had to plant more than 100 sustainable shrubs and flowers, lay grass, and further beautify the 1,500 square-foot space. Simply put: they had a lot of work ahead.

The crew rose to the occasion and completely revamped the space—in fewer than five hours. With so many volunteers offering their time, we were able to complete the dog park in a single morning, far ahead of schedule. Now residents have a fenced-in place to exercise their dogs and socialize with other pet lovers on campus.

On March 30, 2014, the Segal family visited The Wasserman Campus and cut the ceremonial ribbon–officially opening the new space. The family’s dogs ran about and played with other supporters’ pets in the park, which now bears the appropriate sign of “Doggywood.”

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